Preserving Your Garden Harvest

Easy Tips for Preserving Your Garden Harvest

  • If you are worn out from canning or have run out of room to freeze any more of those fruits and veggies from your garden, don’t forget you can dehydrate almost anything.
  • Carrots, onions and peppers are very easy to chop, dry, store and use this winter in stews and soups.
  • Fruits are delicious dried and used later in pies or trail mixes or just to eat.


  • Dried apples are so easy too. I saw cans of apple chips in the store the other day for $3.50 each. Even if I had to buy apples and dry them, I could make 10 cans of apple chips for that amount.
  • Consider investing in a dehydrator. I see them at garage sales all the time. Also don’t forget to dry and save some of your summer flowers for potpourri and bath oils for yourself or Christmas gifts.
  • Before the first frost hits, be sure to bring in all the tomatoes — even the green ones. They will ripen if just left on the counter. Plus they are so good to use green in many recipes like fried green tomatoes or green tomato pie.
  • If your jam or jelly doesn’t set up, add a little water to it and boil. This makes great syrup.


photo by: laural fan

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