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Mike, Tawra



Hi, We are Mike, Tawra, and Jill from Living On A Dime To Grow Rich. We say grow rich because we believe that virtually anyone can use smart techniques to manage money they already have to propel themselves to be more prosperous every day. No matter how much money you have, it can be working more effectively for you so you can be more prosperous with less stress!

In our financial journey, we have moved from having very little and being overwhelmed with debt to having no debt of any kind – no credit card debt, no home mortgage and no student loans. While we were paying off debts and trying to improve our financial situation, we were still able to support our family of 6 on 1 income and live a happier and lower stress life.

Tawra grew up in extreme poverty after her family including her mom, Jill, her brother and herself came down with a mysterious illness. Jill was forced to raise Tawra and her brother on only $500 a month which required extreme frugality.

Mike came from a middle class family who never spoke about money. In college, he accumulated more debt than he could handle and adopted a typical middle class view that “I deserve” things. If he didn’t have enough money, he could put them on a credit card while he figured out how to pay only the monthly payments. He began to see that this was not sustainable, but had not gotten really serious about solving the problem.

Since then, we have stayed ahead of our bills and continued improving our situation even with a larger family, including teenagers. We also managed to pay off our house in one of the most expensive states in the country!

To celebrate, we even took a 7 week family vacation to Europe with money we had freed up by paying off the house decades early.

Through persistently applying smarter money strategies, we have gone from being forced to choose between basic necessities to being completely out of debt with a paid off house. Now we are able to choose to spend money wisely on things that are important to us without going into debt.

Our goal is to help YOU move forward in your life no matter what your circumstances. We believe that EVERYONE can make regular forward progress and MOST people can make dramatic improvements in a short amount of time.

Would you like to eliminate your debt, cut your stress and have an ever improving quality of life? Then come hang out with us, take what you can use to improve and apply it in your own life!

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