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Folding Fabric

I have struggled for years to figure out a way to keep the fabric on my shelves looking neat. I had big pieces and little pieces and they all looked messy no matter how careful I was. After 30 plus years I discovered something that changed my life. I was so excited that when I got it done I was bringing the neighbors in to see it.

Even better, I couldn’t believe how easy and fast it was to do it. Previously, I had 2 shelving units that had been packed and stuffed with material. Now, after about 2 hours, the material was folded and placed where I could not only see it to use it but where I could get to it easily without mounds of fabric falling on me.



In the first picture (above), the mess on the bottom shelf is what it used to look like every day. The shelf above the “every day” shelf shows what it looked like when I was having a sewing marathon.

You could use this same method for folding anything like linens (that are stored after the holidays).



I use a 24 x 6 inch ruler. For smaller pieces, you could use a smaller ruler. If you don’t have a ruler, just use a piece of cardboard or something similar to the ruler.

Lay your fabric on the table folded as it comes off of the bolt, with the 2 selvage sides together.

Lay your ruler on the fabric as shown.



Fold the end over the ruler.



Then just start flipping and rolling fabric and ruler over and over until you come to the end.



When you get to the end pull the ruler out and fold fabric in half.



This is what my fabric looks like now. I am going to get some plastic dividing shelves to divide the stacks up even more or adjust the shelving so the stacks won’t be quite so tall but this gives you an ideas of the start I have made. Have you ever seen such perfectly folded fabric? I love it!!! Be still my little beating organizing heart.


PS. If things are really a mess in your sewing room, don’t panic. This really takes less time than you would think. Pick one section and sort through it, tossing what you can and folding the pieces you want to keep as you come across them. It can actually be fun because we love handling and looking at our fabric.