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Try these 10 easy spring cleaning tips to help you keep your home in order without going crazy! They are short tips for quick things that need to be done but are often forgotten.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Things Easier!

Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Clean your coffee pot and sink drain. Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup of vinegar into the coffee pot and run it through as if you were making coffee. Repeat a couple of times using the same vinegar.

    Pour 1/4 cup baking soda down your drain. Then pour the used vinegar from the coffee maker down the drain. Let it sit for a minute or so.

    Next, pour 1-2 pots of water through the coffee maker to wash out the vinegar. When each pot of rinse water from the coffee maker is done, pour it into the drain. You now have a clean coffee pot and a clean drain.

  • Clean and take care of all your small appliances. Cleaning and caring for them really does make them last longer.

    Toasters – There is a little door on the bottom of your toaster that catches the crumbs. Open and clean out the crumbs once in a while. (UNPLUG THE TOASTER FIRST!)

    Hand mixer – Wipe down your hand mixer after each use.

    Iron – Run your iron over a dryer sheet to remove anything gummy, including fusible web or spray starch. I also keep a couple of packages of alcohol hand wipes by my iron and use them for an instant cleaning (after it cools).

    I iron a lot so I use the small tubes of iron cleaners that Faultless sells. I do this about twice a year. In most places, it is found by the irons, cleaning products or where ironing board covers are found. More often than not, they are displayed hanging on a plastic strip.


  • Blow the dirt off of your fans, computers, or air purifiers. (You can buy cans of air for use with computers at office supply stores. These can be used to blow dirt off of other hard to clean items, too. I used to use an air compressor to blow the dirt off of house fans and heating grates.)

  • Two weeks before Christmas and birthdays, go through and remove several of your children’s toys, since they will soon be replaced. Let the kids play with only half of the new toys each holiday and save the other half for them to play with later.

  • If an old porcelain sink is marked with metal scratches, use 400 grit wet/dry sand paper and lightly sand the markings out. I also love using Comet on my old porcelain sinks on a regular basis. This usually keeps the scratches down. Of course, prevention is the best. When you are scrubbing a pan or something metal, lay a dish rag down to set it on first.

  • Save brown paper bags and use them for trash sacks, wrapping paper, drawing paper for the kids, oil leaks under cars, etc.

  • If you have a sisal rug or one like it that slides all the time, use rows of acrylic chalking about 6 inches apart on the back of it to prevent it from moving around. Let it dry then flip over.

  • To repel mosquitoes, stuff a dryer sheet in your back pocket

  • Replace the glass or plastic pitcher part of your blender with a mason jar