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Have you ever wondered why organizing seems so easy for some people but not for others? Try these easy organizing ideas and learn that the secrets of the organized are easier than you thought!  Also would you like to serve food that will lower your grocery bill and your family will love to eat?

Lower Your Food Bill With Food You Family Will Love!


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These easy organizing ideas will help you get it together! Have you ever wondered how super organized people do it? Here are some of their best secrets!

Easy Organizing Ideas

Organizing idea #1: Never stop picking up.

  • Try picking up during TV commercials or while you are waiting for something to boil on the stove. You will be amazed how much you can get done in five minutes.
  • Have the entire family spend five minutes picking up the family room or living room before they go to bed. Set a timer for young kids so they don’t get overwhelmed.

    If your family members go to bed at different times then have each member pick up his or her items before bed time. Once this becomes a habit, you will be amazed how much easier organizing becomes.


Organizing idea #2: Stop making messes.

  • Keep a trash can in every room. No one likes carrying one small piece of trash from the family room to the kitchen so it usually ends up on the floor. Keep small trash cans everywhere. In our office we have two trash cans, one next to the desk for throwing away regular office trash and one next to the shipping table for throwing away envelope tabs, extra invoices and other shipping trash. If you need two trash cans in a room put them in there. Make it easy to keep things clean.
  • Throw that sticky food wrapper straight into the trash. Don’t lay it on the counter to make another mess that needs to be wiped up later.
  • Don’t lay that dirty spoon on the counter. Rinse it and put it in the sink or dishwasher.
  • As you’re undressing, don’t throw your dirty clothes on the floor or on the furniture. While they are still in your hand, put them in the hamper or if they’re still clean, hang them up.
  • Keep the hamper close to where you undress at night. If it is convenient, you will be more likely to use it and it’ll be easier to stay organized.
  • Before you leave the bathroom, hang your wet towel on the rod. Don’t drop it on the floor or leave it in a pile.

Organizing idea #3: Think ahead and organize for the future.

Organizing idea #4: Never, Never Procrastinate.

  • Keep straightening and organizing things all the time. For example, when you put away groceries and you see that the cans of soup have fallen over, take two seconds to restack them.
  • When you put linens or clothes in their drawers, make sure everything in those drawers is neatly stacked.
  • Pick up as you go. Each time you walk through a room, pick up something.
  • Stop thinking about it! Just do it.


Organizing idea #5: Don’t give up. Practice makes perfect.

  • Train family members to rinse their own dishes and stack them in the sink (or better yet to put them directly into the dishwasher). It may take a while to develop this habit. For kids, you may want to do something like charge each member a dime for every dish not rinsed or make them responsible for doing all the dishes for a week.
  • Remember Thomas Edison? What if he had given up after his first 5, 10, or 100 light bulbs? Where would we be now if he had thrown up his hands and quit at his first failures? The same is true with getting and staying organized. Keep practicing and you will create a productive new habit.

Organizing idea #6: Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.

  • Stop dreading getting organized and taking care of your home and start taking pride and pleasure in it. Think of an organized home as a special gift of peace and pleasure that you are giving your family. A disorganized one causes turmoil and frustration. Besides — You probably spend more time worrying about it than it would take to clean it.



Organizing idea #7: Use rooms for their intended purposes.

  • Don’t let kids get undressed in the family room – that’s why they have bedrooms.
  • Eat food at the kitchen table or bar, not in bed. This alone can save a huge number of messes.
  • Fold laundry in the laundry room immediately after taking it out of the dryer and put it away immediately.

Organizing idea #8: Be a wise steward of your time.

  • If you see something that needs to be clean, clean it as soon as possible.
  • If something doesn’t need to be cleaned, don’t waste your time. If there is no dust, don’t just dust because you dust every Saturday.
  • Don’t overbook yourself volunteering at schools, churches or charities. Learn to say “no”. Notice that I didn’t say don’t do these things at all, just control how much you do so they don’t take over your life.
  • Don’t overbook your children with their activities, either.
  • Get rid of fruitless activities. Many of us spend way too much time talking on the phone, watching TV, shopping unnecessarily or killing time on the computer. These are all time robbers when you devote a lot of time to them.

Organizing idea #9: Keep on top of things.

  • If you do small cleaning and organizing tasks every day, you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish. In ten minute increments, you can do each of the following: wash the dishes, vacuum, file a pile of papers or clean your purse. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes for each child to pick up and organize his room before bed and to lay out his clothes for the morning.
  • Don’t let the laundry, dishes, toys and paperwork get out of control.

Organizing idea #10: Don’t be afraid to let go.

         Don’t become so emotionally attached to your stuff you can let it go when it is no longer useful and not needed any more. 

         The less mounds and piles of things and stuff you have the less time you need to spend organizing it, finding a place or it and taking care of it.

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Lower Your Food Bill With Food You Family Will Love!

Would you like to serve food that will lower your grocery bill and your family will love to eat?

Click here to get the Dining On A Dime Cookbook, with tasty recipes and great tips to make your life easier and save you money!


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