Here is a list showing how I break down the household chores. Organization is essential in effectively maintaining your household. If you develop a plan and stick to your schedule, it will prevent the work from building up too much. If you do a little each day, you will not become overwhelmed and frustrated.

Note from Tawra: this was written when I just had 2 younger kids ages 2 and 3.

Kids’ Chore Chart - Click Here To See Our Chore List And Get Easy Ideas!

You will note that I have included a list of mandatory chores for my three year old son. It is important that children have ever increasing responsibilities in the household. This teaches them skills that they need to become more independent and builds their self esteem through learning to achieve new tasks.

Though I have not devised an official chore list for our two year old daughter, we find that she whines and complains less overall when we also give her household tasks.



Daily Chores (Things I do every day)

* Brush kids’ teeth (under 4 yrs)
* Dress kids (under 4 yrs)
* Make beds
* Clear table- my kids help
* Start dinner in the morning
* Do dishes after every meal
* Sweep kitchen floor
* Vacuum under table
* Pick up family room

Day Specific Chores

* Laundry
* Clean bathroom
* Microwave
* Kitchen sink
* Clean counters and canisters
* Refrigerator
* Mop kitchen floor

* Iron
* Paperwork
* One or two monthly chores

* Laundry
* Wash sheets
* Dust kids bedrooms, office and playroom

* Dust mud-rooms
* Sweep mud-rooms
* One monthly chore
* One semi-annual chore

* Laundry
* Clean bathroom
* Dust living room
* Dust bedroom
* Clean trash can
* Vacuum house

* Shopping

* Rest! ;-)



* Organize closets- One or two a week
* Organize pantry
* Straighten closets
* Straighten shelves
* Straighten drawers
* Wash fronts of kitchen cabinets

* Wash windows
* Vacuum and dust pictures
* Dust blinds
* Straighten and dust bathroom shelves
* Straighten and dust utility room shelves
* Remove cobwebs

My Kids’ Chores

* Dress
* Put PJ’s or laundry away
* Wash face
* Comb hair
* Make bed
* Pick up bedroom
* Help clear table
* Unload Dishwasher
* Empty Trash
* Pick up toys
* Brush teeth
* Put on PJ’s

* Help empty all trash cans in the house.

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