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cfs fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses

Reader Submitted Tips for People Suffering CFS, Fibromyalgia or other Chronic Illnesses

Erica Writes: After all this time I never realized you suffered from Fibromyalgia and CFS. Blessings to you. I can’t imagine keeping up with everything you do when you have CFS. I am the warehouse manager for our school districts food service department. My job is very physical. I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I also have Lupus. I read through your Fibro/CFS humor and I was wondering if I could in any way contribute to your comments? :)

I discovered that the Fibromyalgia fog was so bad that I started to write everything down. Everything. We kept a notebook on the kitchen table. If the kids asked to go somewhere and Dad and I both agreed they could go, we had to write it down because I wouldn’t remember the conversation. I kept post-its in business. I had them everywhere. I wrote myself notes about everything. The worst part about this that I would often forget what the notes were for.

I hope this short note finds you and your family well. May your Holiday be filled with great joy. May your blessings continue to be many.


Tips for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS/CFIDS Sufferers

Dee from Jamestown, North Carolina Writes: I ran across your web site because my Mom wanted more recipes after seeing the Potato Candy recipe in our small, hometown paper. While (now, very!) hooked on your site, I had to add some things about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

I had an on-the-job injury in 1995 that left me immobile and in a quandary, hurting like a Mack truck had just run over me, I had all the CFS “brain-fog”, etc. plus the incessant aggravation of the Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier dictating (laughs) who my medical care was provided by for seven long, agonizing years. Take these tips, hints, and tidbits for what they are worth and hopefully share them with your readers:

  1. When applying for SSD (disability), remember that the SSD attorney can not charge more than 25% of your final settlement fee. If they ask for more, do not use them– Find another attorney, fast!
  2. The CFIDS Association of America is an excellent source of information for anyone newly or currently diagnosed with CFS and wanting real, reputable information on the latest medical treatments and issues regarding disability and bills before congress. They maintain a list of nationally known CFIDS experts and their contact information plus much more than I can say in this small space. Additionally, they are an awesome organization that advocates yearly on our behalf in Washington, D.C. on National CFIDS day (May 15 or thereabout). Their web site is:
  3. The Centers for Disease Control announced in early Spring 2005 that several genes responsible for Fibromyalgia have finally been found! My Mom also has Fibromyalgia and it was a relief to know it’s genetic.
  4. If you are an extrovert, isolation will keep you sicker longer. Starting small, do something. Increasing your activity in 5 minute increments each day will help you regain strength and help to get you out of a flare (3-5 days) as well as hopefully shorten a relapse (5 days or longer).
  5. Getting your mind off your diagnosis and on life really affects how sick you are. When we let Satan rob us of God’s intended joy, we stay sicker, are more depressed, and need more medications to just cope with the pain and many other symptoms of CFS and Fibromyalgia.

My Mom and I would like to thank you tremendously for this excellent venture you have gifted to anyone with internet access. I’ll be somewhere on this site, or those you are linked to enjoying learning about ways to save on money, energy, and time for a good long while! May God richly bless you both always and in all ways, Dee

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