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A one year old can be ever so helpful! Here’s a day in the life of Jack in pictures helping mom when he was one year old!

Jack “helping” mom rearrange the dog food.

Jack “helping” mom clean out under the sink!

Jack “helping” mom clean out the bathroom cabinet. (don’t worry, I was watching him the entire 10 seconds it took to tear it all out. The camera was right there so I had to grab a picture before I grabbed him up out of the mess. I had my hair stuck in the curling iron so I couldn’t stop him in time. :-) )


Jack “helping” mom pick up the toys!

Jack “helping” mom after he broke a plate. He grabbed it out of the dishwasher as I was loading. He thought he needed to help after I got it cleaned up!

Jack “helping” mom garden.

Mom- “They’re coming to take me away to the funny farm. Hee hee, Ha Ha, Ho Ho

And I wonder why I have no energy?

Yes, this is what a mom with CFS and a toddler looks like at the end of the day. (Mike took this and I have no memory of it! LOL)