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chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia

Tips for People Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Alice Writes: I also have fibromyalgia. I do work full-time and make a decent salary, but I do a lot of things to survive. I wondered if they might be helpful to your readers. Also tips as to what worked for me….

Not all of this is frugality, but survivability when you are working with fibromyalgia.

If you can all afford it, pay someone else to clean your house, do laundry, stuff that requires physical ability. I don’t care about whether the tub has visible stains but when all the dishes in the house are dirty and getting moldy, and I’m exhausted, I need help.

To do organization with mental fuzziness, enlist a buddy to come over and keep you on track.

I would not function without Amitriptyline. This is also a very low priced medication even if you don’t have insurance. The cost of the generic medication is almost lower than my co-pay.

I had the experience of moving to a new city, having to use only public transportation shortly after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I tried taking taxis all the time because I didn’t feel like I could walk. I was using increasing amounts of Trazodone to sleep. I only realized how bad I was feeling when I took codeine for a cough, and finally was able to sleep at night. I realized something was wrong and went on amitriptyline and then moved someplace where I had to walk 5 minutes to the subway, and then 5 minutes from the subway to work. That small amount of exercise each day made a big difference.

Doing work where I have to move around, not just sit in a chair has helped ease my fibromyalgia symptoms.

Stretching has made enormous amounts of help with my fibromyalgia.

I have a couple activities I really enjoy, hiking and dancing, that give me exercise. This motivates me to get “exercise” even when I don’t feel like it, or don’t think my body can handle it. Last Monday I went dancing, stayed for 30 minutes and danced for less than half the time. But the little exercise helped.

I am single and work full-time. I have found for the last 2.5 years, that I have not been able to cook. I eat canned soup or TV dinners. Or something that requires combining 3 cans and cooking for 20 minutes. Canned salmon and rice, vegetarian chili (doesn’t require browning meat). Cooking with fresh things doesn’t work if I am too tired the week after shopping and don’t cook it and it goes to waste.

To solve part of the problem with washing dishes, I bought a very big water bottle. Water is better for me anyway.

One of my friends with chronic fatigue syndrome found that she had to simplify things to the basics. She ordered all her groceries online. The local grocery store would do that at no cost, if you had a minimum order. Sometimes she would just eat canned beans, mashed up in a bowl, heated up in the microwave.

Wear good tennis shoes all the time. Make sure they are wide enough and long enough.

Avoid shopping if at all possible. Less shopping = less shopping bags to put away = less stuff to pick up = less stuff to dig through while looking for what you really wanted = lots more time.

Although I can go to Target and save extra money, I often go to the drugstore just down the road and pay a little higher prices. I can come out the door with a bar of soap, a jug of milk, and that is it.

Fewer clothes = have to do laundry in smaller, more manageable chunks.

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