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Using Leftover Cookies

Using Leftover Cookies

I was looking at pie crust in my Betty Crocker cookbook and I found cookie crust. I had one of those aha moments… This would be a perfect way to use hard or overcooked cookies! From: DD

Good idea. I recently had a similar aha moment for cookies too. I have several “rejects” of my gingerbread men. They taste fine– They’re just missing a head or a leg so I can’t use them for gifts. I think I am going to use them to top my apple crisps. I will crush them, add some melted margarine or butter and sprinkle on top of my apple crisp instead of its usual topping. I thought all the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in the cookies would be really yummy on top of an apple or peach crisp.

You can also replace the graham crackers with cookies in any graham cracker crust recipe.