stop apples from browning

Stop Apples from browning

My apple tree went crazy producing apples this year so I will probably be using this tip!


From: Kimberly H.
I’m not sure if you take tips from subscribers, but I thought I’d pass this along. . .

My mother is a home economics teacher and taught me several years ago that salt water will keep apples from turning brown when cut. It is cheaper than using lemon or lime and always on hand.

I just fill a bowl with a mixture of water and about 1 Tablespoon of salt and put it in the sink. As I cut the apple (or anything else) I let it apple sit in the mixture. When I’m done cutting, I just rinse off the apples – and that is it!!! Easy, cheap, and works WONDERS! Try it – the apples will not turn even hours later!  My husband is a chemist and he is trying to figure out why this works, but it does :)

PS From Jill

It has been a couple of years since I got this tip and I use it all the time now. I love it. I don’t even rinse the salt water off. It is so much easier then lemon juice. First lemon juice tends to make everything slightly sticky. Second I don’t always have lemon juice on hand but I always have salt. Three it is much cheaper to use the salt and last I think it does a better job in helping with the discoloration then the lemon juice. This is really a winner.



photo by: thewrittengeek

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