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One of our readers, Bea, sent this quote to me.

“If you buy what you don’t need you steal from yourself”.

You are stealing from yourself by wasting your money on more unneeded things (or junk).


People are also stealing their freedom from themselves. They go into debt to buy  things and they are chained to that debt from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.


Even if they don’t go into debt, they still lose their freedom because then they have to use their time, energy and money to take care of these things and to store them.  Instead of being able to spend the day or their time on something more worthwhile or to spend it with their kids, they have to use their time taking care of things.

We are stealing our peace. Too much stuff can be so overwhelming. When I first became sick with my CFS, I had a closet full of clothes. Just trying to make the decision about what to wear for the day became overwhelming for me because I had so much to choose from. I ended up picking 3 outfits out and packed the rest away. It was so freeing and I had one less worry for the day.

Now I have gone back to having more clothes but I really learned a lesson. The more things I had, the more decisions I had to make and the harder those decisions were. Think for a moment about how much time you spend each morning with your kids trying to decide what kind of cereal they want from the 3-5 boxes they have to pick from. How much time is spent choosing clothes for the day or which toys they will play with?

We talk about things being so stressful now but a lot of the time we make our own stress. We set ourselves and our children up for having to make too many decisions each day.

Do you really need more toys, clothes, electronic games for entertainment, purses or shoes? Buy one kind or at the most two kinds of shampoo, conditioner, cleaners, etc.

Don’t steal any more money, time or peace from yourself. Don’t buying more than you need.





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