homemade valentine cards

Here are some cute and easy ideas for Valentine cards.


Hi Tawra,

I was just thinking of a new idea this morning as I read the Sunday paper and browsed through the colorful comic section. As I read and chuckled through some of the comic strips, I realized how perfect some of them could be to add to a Valentine Card.

Being familiar with the song, “My Funny Valentine,” I noticed a couple comic strips that would be well suited to be cut out and glued to a piece of festive paper with the phrase, “You are my Funny Valentine!”

Initially I thought of my Grandmother who is in a nursing home and can always appreciate a colorful “hello.” She would love to receive a Valentine with something so bright and cheerful. Also, my DAD, who is always so serious, might even be caught off guard with a little chuckle when a comic strip Valentine arrives in the mail.

I also remembered that my kids always like to see the “Peanuts” comic strip as well as the “Family Circus.” As a plan for next year, I will create a file folder and fill it with some of the cutest comic strip editions throughout the year to use for making a poster sized version of “My Funny Valentine” to present to each of my kids next year.

For my kids, “Bigger always means Better!” A poster sized Valentine will surely bring a smile and hopefully… a laugh!

The challenge of “Living on a Dime” is so much fun!




Photo By: Spec-ta-cles

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