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Hi there. I love your website and have shared it with LOTS of people in Roseburg, OR and anywhere else I might meet someone that could benefit from your advice and expertise. THANK YOU :)

I just wanted to share that my family and I (husband and 4 children plus one more on weekends) live in a small apartment with no washing machine or dryer. They do have a small room with laundry facilities on site but we can’t afford the cost for the amount of laundry we do! I have an arrangement with a good friend of ours to clean her house in return for using her washer and dryer.

This works out very well for us. I wash in the morning and clean up her house, which takes about 30 minutes to an hour (each day during the week but not weekends), and then swing back by later in the day and dry the clothes. Then I go pick up the kids from school.

This arrangement not only saves me TONS of money but it also saves my friend money and time because she doesn’t have to spend so much time cleaning. I admit I do not do a perfect job cleaning her whole house. I merely sweep and mop 1-2 days a week, load or unload her dishwasher and wipe everything down. I also take the time to fold any laundry she has in the dryer or sitting around and do her laundry (if she has any). I wish that more people could pull together to share resources in this way… -Cati


Thanks for the idea, Cati. I agree that sharing resources does help. I do this with my grown kids all the time. I do all of Tawra’s ironing and they do my yard work. For a while I didn’t have a washer or dryer so I would go to my son’s home and do my laundry and, like you, I cleaned or folded their clothes.

My neighbor and I do this, too. I needed a very tall ladder to pick my apples and in exchange I gave her apples and helped her to make apple pies. I babysit her dog and she takes me to lunch. 

It really is a great way to do things. Often I think we do this with out really realizing we are. It just boils down to friends and neighbors helping each other out, which is a great way to do things!




photo by: alishav

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