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Does Frugal Living Harm or Deprive Your Kids?

Is Frugal Living Harming Your Kids?

A couple of weeks ago I hung up the phone after talking to Tawra and was going to post on the blog about the background noise at her house. I always get such a kick out of it. I didn’t get it posted but after a reporter interviewing Tawra about frugal living asked her if she thought her children were really happy living the frugal life, I decided to post what I intended to write before… or I will as soon as I get my laughter under control. ;-)


If that poor reporter only knew how funny her question was… Why do I say that? Because I love calling my daughter just so I can listen her background noise. Usually one child is singing at the top of their lungs with all the gusto and joy of an opera singer, then child number two is whistling away with another happy song, number three is laughing hysterically at something and last but not least is the baby is saying either “Hi” or “uh oh” or laughing at big brother laughing.

There is absolutely nothing that a grandmother loves to hear more than the singing, whistling and laughing of her grandchildren. It does my heart good to know after many years of hard work and, at times, uncertainty that I have raised two well adjusted, happy responsible kids and the fruit of my labor is seeing them doing such a great job of raising and giving my grandkids a happy home. And guess what? They were raised in a frugal home, too.

What that poor reporter didn’t understand was that frugal living and being debt free is the happiest place for a family to be. The stress is removed because mom and dad aren’t always fighting over money or having to worry about keeping up with the Joneses.

Most families that practice realistic frugal living are happy because they are able to spend more time together as a family instead of away from each other trying to make more money so they will have more money to spend. People who don’t practice frugal living often find that when they have more money to spend, each person goes his own way, spending that money for more activities or on shopping sprees rather than spending time with the family. Boy I got confused just writing that, let alone living it.

The kids in a frugal family don’t feel the tension in the air that they might lose their house because mom and dad bought a house with a mortgage they couldn’t afford. They don’t even notice gas prices going up because living frugally has given mom and dad enough cushion and wiggle room in their budget to allow for these types of things.

They don’t have to depend on someone or something to give them happiness or to help them find joy. The kids get just as much pleasure and happiness from digging a mud hole in the backyard or watching the hummingbirds as they do from playing the latest computer game.


They have learned at an early age what it takes some adults a lifetime to learn (and many die never knowing)– that happiness is not related to how much money and stuff you have. If you are not happy without money, you won’t be happy with money either.

What that poor reporter didn’t understand and so many others can’t wrap their mind around is – Happiness is love and freedom and when you have debt free parents that love you, you have everything.


P.S. They also have a “Nana” that loves them very much too. :) :)