SOLD! 3 bed/2 bath Home for Sale

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Country Charm with City Convenience!


1.4 acre, 3 bedrooms 2 baths, 1997 sq. ft.
Andover Kansas (3 miles East of Wichita)


Darling well-maintained ranch home in the country but only 5 minutes from the city! Ready to move in. Quiet location just 2 minutes from Andover schools, grocery stores and the new amazing Andover YMCA!


Owners purchased this property for $135,000 in 2007 and have since invested $20,000 in improvements including new septic system with extra large 1500 gallon tank and new lateral lines, new fence with arbors, insulation upgrade, drainage improvements, attic fans and more… Don’t miss this opportunity to get a great house in a quiet neighborhood at a steal of a deal!


  • 3 bedrooms 2 baths
  • 1997 sq. ft.
  • Large 5 piece master bath with jetted tub, and walk-in closet.
  • 2 car oversized garage
  • 1.4 acre lot
  • Gas Fireplace
  • New septic system in 2007 including 1500 gal. septic tank.
  • Concrete tornado safe room in house.
  • All one level – handicapped accessible
  • Sink in laundry room.
  • New exterior paint and fence in 2008.
  • RV parking
  • Raised bed vegetable gardens ready for you!


This is a site built home, NOT a modular or mobile home.

Contact Tawra, for more information.


Schools: Prairie Creek Elementary

Andover Central Middle and High Schools.


Click any picture for a larger view.

Living Room






Kitchen Pantry





Master Bath showing shower    Master Closet




Bedroom Closet    Bedroom Closet open



Front Yard


Back yard with shed






Back yard from far corner


Property from North End



  1. says

    Tawra is it a sink or laundry tub. if a sink is it big enough to wash out a few things in it?
    (just thinking like a potential buyer)
    Where you use the bold writing it makes it hard to read so maybe double space it.

    The house and area sound wonderful and it should sell easily.

    My neighbour just sold 3 houses to the same person. Strange thing is we live in Ontario and the buyer lives in Saskatchewan.
    She put it in a realty ad site it was there for a week and the houses are gone.

  2. Deborah Kirkle says

    It might be a good idea for you to say approximately where this house of yours is. I don’t even see a state.

  3. Ammanda says

    Wow! Too bad my hubby doesn’t work in your area. We’d buy your place in a heartbeat! Perfect! We can’t find prices like that in Washington state!

    • says

      Yep, we are getting everything all ready to put it back on in a week or two. We took it off for the winter but still want to move to Colorado.

  4. TuxGirl says

    Wow! That’s a really nice house! Around here (nice area outside seattle), you’d be lucky to find someplace like that for 350K. If only hubby’s job was over there….

  5. TuxGirl says

    Oh, out of curiosity, does it have a root-cellar type of basement? I’ve always wanted a house with a root-cellar…

  6. says

    Tawra advertise it in hong kong or japan.
    my little old 66 year old house would sell for about a million over there sight unseen.
    We paid $20000, for it 14 years ago and have not done many improvements.
    They like the land that comes with the house.
    Our bigger selling point is that if you stand in the upstairs of the house you can see Lake Superior. But only in the winter and late fall because the leaves of the trees block it out the rest of the time.

  7. Sandi says

    Is there a small airport near your house? Our local airport where we have our business just flooded (again) and that might be a good place to relocate.

    • says

      Yes the airport is just 3/4-1 mile from our house! It’s close enough to get there quick but the flight pattern is such that we don’t hear any of the noise. Our neighborhood is VERY quiet which is why we bought here in the first place.

  8. luna says

    What a steal for someone! You would never find anything that nice in a safe place here. Hope you sell and the next person loves it like it shows you have

  9. Heather says

    ok Funny enough I was looking at a friend of mine, NOT in kansas website and she had a link to you… I live in Kansas and ironically am looking for a house in Andover, for 150,000 or less! The only thing is, I’m looking for at least 5 bedrooms, does this have easy potiential for 5 bedrooms.

    • says

      Actually it does. When we bought it we were going to turn the garage into 2 more bedrooms and an office and then put carport or garage on the back of the house so you could walk right into the kitchen. We were planning on staying here until the kids graduated from high school but decided to go ahead and try to move back to Colorado sooner since the prices are lower there.

  10. rose says

    tawra .. ur house looks very similar to the one my daughter and son in law have been looking at .. unfortunately, they do not wish to move out of florida .. his family is here and so are we ..
    she loves ur color schemes for the rooms too ..
    i really hope ur house sells soon 😀 .. its a beautiful home …

  11. Kathy says

    What a gorgeous, immaculate house! I would love it – I imagine someone will snap it right up, it’s beautiful.

  12. rose says

    my daughter and son in law are going house hunting tomorrow .. they are so excited ..
    i keep telling them about ur house and reminding them to be on the lookout for something similar .. she agreed .. she loves the way ur house is set and the color schemes of the rooms …

  13. Pat says

    Beautiful house! My suggestion is to pay for a home inspection and have the report available for the buyers. Sells the home everytime! Your house looks perfect. Best of luck. If you decide to sell with a professional realtor wait to list your home until after the SuperBowl (February 6th).

  14. Jan says

    You have a beautiful home. I’m sure it will sell. If not this winter, then surely in the spring. I love the fence.

  15. Rachel says

    Your home is lovely. There is so much on the market here in Florida. I was so surprised on a recent trip to Tennessee that we hardly saw any for sale signs. I also recently heard that one in every 29 homes in Florida is now in forclosure. So sad if the owner is really trying but is unemployed!

    We bought our home 8 years ago, but now discover that we need more living space. We have a small living room and three nice size bedrooms. I am now trying to talk my husband into putting a set of french doors in the wall between the dining room and one of the bedrooms and making that room at den. We only have one child left at home, but he is in high school, so will be gone in a few years. I remember when you had your other house and said that you had to find a way to make that house work for you. I thought about that when I started looking for more space. Thanks for all the help you give encouraging creative thinking!

  16. Linda Ahern says

    I can’t believe how reasonable the price of your home is for all the things and size that it includes. I wish I could find something similar in my area.

  17. Krista says

    Tawra, beautiful home! Hope it finds a new family quickly. Wichita is a great area to be in. Lots for homeschool families to do. We’re north of KC but my family is from McPherson and Hutch! Wichita was my college “fun” zone! Andover is a really nice sub as well, I think I may still have at least 2 college buddies there somewhere!

  18. sally says

    You sure have a nice house for someone who’s really cheap. I would think you lived in a shack and not a $144,000 house. Your business must be doing well. Not that you dont deserve it, but it doesnt match up with your poverty mindset and kind of misleading as a business owner promoting frugal living. I know lots of really poor people and they sure dont have a house like that or TRULY cant afford it. I still like your books but you lost alot of credibility.

    • says

      Actually Sally it’s because we are frugal that we can afford it. We don’t waste our money on things like eating out, extra kids activities, buying DVD’s, going on vacation, have our heat set at 64 so we can save on our heating bill, buy 95% of our clothes 2nd hand and don’t buy brand new cars.

      All these things add up big time so that we even have our house very close to being paid off!

      So actually I think it gives us even more credibility that frugal living does work!

      • Sunnysun says

        Wow Tawra, what a wonderful home! You are very talented. Thank you so much for posting it.

        The first thing I thought of is that you have put all those money saving tips to good use…

        I think this is truly INSPIRATION!


    • says

      Sally your mindset is one of the reasons so many people don’t want to be frugal because they think that means they must be poor and deny themselves everything. They don’t want to do that and they are worried too about what others would think of them.

      Being poor and frugal are two totally different things. It is like comparing apples and oranges. Being poor means you have nothing at all. You can be extremely rich and be frugal because that means being careful or a wise steward of your money. If you want to throw in being cheap that means you can have money but you are stingy with it. Some of the wealthiest people in the world got there by being frugal and doing things and still do things like drive used cars. Not because they are poor but because they are wise and frugal.

      Also you can’t judge by appearances either. I wear top of the line name brand label clothing and shoes. My whole outfit if bought new would be worth $150 or more. I carry a never been used leather wallet which was priced $50 at the store. and a leather purse priced at $60. But I was given my shoes and top as a hand me down and my shoes I paid $1.98 for. The wallet was a $1 and purse a $1. I got them both at a garage sell with their tags still on them. I look like I have a lot of money but I have very little.

      Now I’m not telling you this because I feel I need to justify myself or Tawra but to tell you so you can see how very foolish and wrong a person can be if they judge others or anything by outward appearances and assume things which you know nothing about.

    • Brenna says

      Yes, Sally, I must agree with the others. It’s called stretching your budget and realizing what really matters. Forfeiting some unnecessary things to achieve being debt free and leading to a quicker retirement or easier golden years.

      My parents were very frugal. Yet we’d vacation 4 weeks of every summer, and usually every other February. A couple Christmas’ tossed in as well away from home. I had visited more states/places by the time I was 15 than my husband has his whole life. Yet, my parents home was paid off in 20 yrs vs 30 and my mom retired permanently 2 days before her 56th birthday. Dad as well. It’s amazing, when you know how to handle your money, you can do just about anything. Ask me how I have a home in Rochester and a home in Orlando….and I work at Walmart (hourly, NOT salary) and my husband’s salary is only twice mine. I visit home (NY) twice a year as well. (and yes we have 2 kids, one in elementary, one in high school).

      So as you see, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and doing what you know you need to do to see your dreams!

  19. Tonia says

    Wow, what an ugly reader comment. Your home is beautiful and I’m sure you worked VERY hard and VERY frugally to get it. I just signed on to your site for the first time, so hope to learn some valuable tips.

    • says

      Thank you Bea, Tonia, and Donna. Tawra isn’t on the blog for couple of hours because she is picking up kids etc. but I know she appreciates your sweet comments.

  20. Mari says

    Beautiful house – and if you had to pay English prices that would be at least double! (They do rip us off over here LOL) Just trying to find your house on google street view with the clues about it being near the new YMCA….LOL

    Yes it shows that frugal living works….take no notice of that earlier comment! xx

  21. harriet says

    Poor and frugal aren’t the same thing. I’m frugal, or I try to be. (I fail sometimes, what can I say!) I live in a million-dollar house that’s been featured in more than one magazine. My husband and I make more than $200,000 a year. But I like the old fashioned common sense here, as well as the encouragement and help with housekeeping. I do in fact drive a 1999 Toyota and my husband drives a 1997 Subaru. And I’m leaving for Aruba on Monday for a week, but the hotel and airfare are paid for with miles–my husband travels a lot for business.

  22. Mari says

    Nope, just been trying to find your house on google street view but no luck…….certainly looks a lovely, rural, peaceful place to live….been looking up near Andover Central Middle School, round that way…….

    Hope you get a buyer soon – I’m sure your lovely place will soon be snapped up! xx

    • says

      Mari will be sure and try to have Tawra help you find it on google. She is having to run some errands for a couple of hours but I will let you know you want a peek at the street view. It is out in the country and you can only see one other house from hers but at the same time it is only about 1 to they ymca, grocery store and store. She really has the perfect set up. Feels like you are in the country but yet are really close to everything.

  23. rose says

    i wish this house was in fl .. i want my daughter to buy it .. its perfect for her and her fiance .. and at a price they are willing to pay ..
    yes tawra u will sell it .. just pray about it .. leave it to GOD .. HE will handle everything . that is what helped us too …
    and always what i posted to you on facebook ..
    and jill u r so right .. so many times i have been judged by my clothes (they are old but they are in decent condition) … i like to wear shorts all of the time (i live in fl, its hot!) … and well .. how does anyone know i dont have a million dollars in the bank (i dont) … still .. you shouldnt judge a book by its cover …
    i think i would rather be frugal and live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood (and one that is practically paid off) ..
    and yes tawra .. it does show alot for your website .. you wouldnt be able to have such nice things if you werent as frugal as u r! …

  24. rose says

    jill i think i asked u b4 on this.. but how far r u from tawra’s house? .. just curious ..
    and since tawra wants to move to CO, do you think u’ll be joining her in the near future and what about ur son and his family? ..
    again.. sorry to repeat these ???’s .. but just curious ..

    • says

      No problem Rose. Actually I am almost dead center in downtown Wichita but I am just a couple of blocks from the one main road going through town. I just get on it and it is a straight shot to the east to Tawra’s. It takes me about 15-20 mins depending on the time of day. Then my son is a straight shot in the opposite direction on the same road to the West about 15 mins. They didn’t want to make things easy on me>HA!HA! Actually it isn’t too hard for me to get to either of their places.

      If Tawra gets moved I will probably follow her to Colorado (I can see Michael rolling his eyes) :) My house isn’t quite as cute as hers and much older and smaller so I’m not sure at all how well it will sell. and how long it will take.
      My son would love to move to Colorado too but he isn’t sure about getting a job there and all of my daughter in law’s family is here so they will probably stay. I’m not too worried about that though because I make the trip between here and there all the time and it isn’t bad and my son’s oldest will be getting his license an a day now which means he and his sister can make trips out to see me too all the time. They will probably come and spend a lot of their vacation time from school with me too. They all love coming to Colorado as it is so with us there it will be another good excuse to come out.

      I’m not really thinking it will be a problem seeing them. We will be only 9 hours apart. When I lived in Idaho we were 3 days drive apart and that didn’t stop me from seeing them. I think I saw them as much if not more then I do living in the same town with them. Trust me neither rain, slate or snow will keep me away from the grandkids. HA!HA!

  25. Mari says

    Hi Jill, yes I’d love to see it on street view! Didn’t want anyone to think I was being too nosey LOL!! Street view is fascinating, as if you’re really there…..! Here’s where I live – because I live on a little road off a bridle path, street view never came down our road – but if you click on this link, and look at where the red “A” is on the garage and look at the bungalow beyond with the window in the roof – that’s my house!! We’re through those bollards, and off to the right….,-4.042969&sspn=11.510541,28.081055&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Preston+PR1+9NB,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.735107,-2.707486&spn=0,0.027423&t=h&z=15&layer=c&cbll=53.734195,-2.70683&panoid=uobNdA561sO_HunQ4E-ARA&cbp=12,27.35,,0,5

    I really enjoyed myself last night looking round, on both sides of hwy 54 and up to interstate 35….what a lovely relaxing place to live and so much SPACE!!! I’ve been going up and down those roads, trying to spot it, but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

    Oh that one comment yesterday – how hurtful – does she expect Tawra to live in a hovel just because she is frugal??? I buy loads of stuff off eBay and all my clothes – why should I pay three times the price for the rubbish you see in the shops when I can get decent stuff off aBay, stuff I would never be able to afford new?

    I had no choice but to take out a car loan for a decent car because I travel 85 miles a day to work and 85 miles back and the little car I had just couldn’t cope and kept breaking down. Otherwise I would have been perfectly content to drive round in my little car…..

    Keep up the good work and don’t let that horrible comment bother you too much …. xxx :)

    • says

      Mari what fun. You look like you live in a really nice place. Oh I would love to see England. It looks so green and lush. You can’t imagine how pretty that looked to someone who sees nothing but brown flat fields of wheat and the like. Yes we do have lots of space which is a plus. I35 is a block away from my house and 54 is just a couple of blocks from my house. As a matter of fact my house is pretty much nestled right in the corner of where the two highways intersect. Anyway it is fun looking at other peoples places on the internet isn’t it?

      Thank you for your sweet words too. We get a few pretty bad comments every week and usually don’t post most of them only when we think it might help explain things to people. We are so lucky though that most of our readers are just as nice and thoughtful as can be. Most of you feel like a close neighbor who we have invited over for a cup of coffee (or tea :) and a nice chat.

  26. Dani MarieBernadette says

    Hi Tawra and Jill,
    What an awesome and lovely home, priced exceptionally well and move in ready too.
    Tawra, You have taken the gifts that God has given you (and your mom taught you to appreciate) and you have worked hard to make sure that when you returned them to Him, they were well taken care of and much more valuable than when you received them. He must be so pleased with you and your family. I feel sad for people like Sally, because no matter what they are given, they will never be satisfied. It is in the attitude that we face life with that makes all the difference. The two of you have joyful hearts in spite of the trials and tribulations that visit you and you share that joy, your faith in God, and the knowledge you have attained, with so many people by means of your website. I have no doubt that on the day that counts the most you will hear Him say “Well done my faithful servant, well done!”

  27. Cheryl says

    Tawra, What part of CO are you looking at moving to? We live in the northeastern portion of the state and are putting our home on the market very soon. I have been doing a lot of the same things as you in order to get it ready. Thanks for the encouragement!

  28. rose says

    thats awesome u live right in the middle of your son and tawra .. and its nice the grandkids see u too .. so many grandkids do not make time for their grandparents .. so much wisdom to be shared! ..
    hubby and i both wish both of our grandma’s were still alive .. they survived the depression years and were prosperous (with alot of hardwork and prayer) ..
    i told my mom she should write some of her oldest memories of growing up with grandma .. and she told me alot of the things she still does today she learned from grandma ..
    and we do alot of the same things (us siblings) .. so its nice that things are still passed down thru the generations ..
    i hope ur warm and safe tonite jill .. that snowstorm is bad .. but u and the rest of the family are in my prayers ..
    i got ur email .. i havent had time to respond but i will .. it was so sweet and thoughtful of u to email me .. i appreciate it ..
    and tawra too .. she is really sweet .. she emailed me too ..
    its nice to know i am thought of … thank you so much ..

  29. Mari says

    Yes Jill, England is very green and fresh….it’s probably all the rain we get LOL! Your area (Wichita and roundabouts) looks very pretty on google street view. Can’t see TOO many brown flat fields, just a lot of space…it amazes me how far you are from the coast, being right in the middle of the USA like you are! I personally can get to Blackpool (on the north west coast of England) in about 25 mins, and no matter where you go in this country you could find the east, west or south coast in a matter or hours. It must be very relaxing living out there, but at the same time being close to town. You do seem to have a lot of airfields around and about, I suppose they’d be the biggest employer round there? :)

    • says

      Yes Mari to say we have a lot of airfields is an understatement. Wichita is called the Air Capital of the World. We have I think it is 4-5 at least or most of all the major plane manufacturers here in town. When Tawra was looking for houses this last time she told the real estate agent she wanted to live somewhere quiet where you couldn’t hear traffic, planes or trains. The agent just rolled her eyes and said yeah right because you see besides being the air capital at one time it was one of the main places for railroads too since we are so centrally located.

      Her area is amazingly quiet though.

    • says

      I know the area Cheryl Tawra has an aunt that lives around there. You are right it is very quiet in that area. That is why I was wondering where you were. We have relatives all over the state. As a matter of fact most of our relatives are in Colorado we are the only ones in Kansas.

  30. Sue says

    Very nice home. I hope it sells soon.

    I have to say though it’s sad you felt the need to mention that this home is not a modular or mobile home.Just seems better to tell them it’s not if they ask. It comes across negatively that you mention it here. Many people that live frugally buy these homes because they are trying to live within their means.

    • says

      Sue, it is not a negative thing or any type of statement about people who live in modulars or mobile homes. I’ve lived in one myself.

      We put it on there because it was the #1 question we got and MANY people wouldn’t even consider looking at it because they thought it was a mobile home.

  31. Julie says

    Wow what a beautiful house! It’s priced well and is exactly what we’re looking for! Unfortunately we are having to move toward Manhattan, KS for my husband’s job so we will be leaving Wichita. We put our house on the market last year in April and just pulled it off this week. We needed a break! You guys have done a fantastic job of staging it and it looks beautiful! I wish I felt the same about ours! I think sometimes all the negative feedback from the showings gets to me :) I pray your house sells quickly!


  32. Mari says

    Surprised your lovely home hasn’t been snapped up yet! I love your garden – everything is so neat and tidy and spacious! I personally would LOVE to live so near the “Air Capital of the World” – I would be out there with my camera all day long!! LOL

    PS/ I was listening to Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” yesterday and thought of you guys!! xx

    • says

      That song I think talks about our other thing we have lots of in Wichita and that is trains and tracks. In the cowboy days we were one of the main places where the railroad came together from all different directions and cowboys from Texas and other places would drive their cattle here to ship back east. I live in the center of town and when a train goes through -which is often- they have to blow there horn at each intersection going through town. I can hear them blowing all ten miles at every section.

      Actually I think most people don’t notice it’s just for some reason with my CFS noise really bothers me and Tawra too.

  33. Mari says

    Wichita is a place we don’t learn much about here in England. They only tell us about the touristy places like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas etc etc! I’m certain there must be thousands and thousands of wonderfully interesting places around the US, and people are missing out on the real American heritage when they pass all these places by….until getting to know you guys I really had no idea where Wichita was, and I didn’t know anything about it at all, but it’s been great fun finding out!

    Actually I was under the impression that the song was talking about a “lineman”, by which I mean a guy who goes up ladders and fixes faults and overloads on the power lines that criss cross the county….I may be wrong there though!

  34. Mari says

    Actually I don’t think I would have known except for the fact I know someone who lives up in New Jersey, and before he retired he was a lineman and had to go up those ladders in all weathers!! :)

  35. Robin says

    Tawra and Jill, if you aren’t having a whole lot of luck selling your home (even though it is beautiful and well priced!), you may want to consider using it as a rental. I’m sure there are reputable property management companies in your area who could screen potential tenants, collect rents, and handle any necessary repairs that may come up. I own a property management company in Michigan, and that is where I get most of my clients – they are moving to a state with a better economy and can’t sell their home for what is owed on it, so they use it as a rental to cover most (if not all) of their mortgage payment. Just something to consider!

    • says

      Robin, we really don’t want to rent. We would like to take the equity that we have and put it on the other house. This one is about 3/4 paid off now and we really want to be totally debt free in the next 5 years including our house so we don’t want to get another large mortgage.

  36. Kathryn Doyle says

    Great way to get your house sold on your own…

    Get a cheap 1-800 number and put a recorded message on it – all about the home. You should get a text or email message any time someone calls it, you’ll see what number they’re calling from as soon as they call.

    Then, put that number up on everything (flyer box, for sale sign, craigslist, newspaper ad..) – people would much rather call a 24 hour recorded message than have the pressure of talking to someone or bothering them at 10:30pm when they’re really interested.

    Realtors that use this method have atleast 10 times the sales leads than realtors that don’t. Why should they get all the sales?!

    Just call them as soon as they call the line, that way, you get them while they’re hot!

    • says

      I had to laugh at your comment Cindy. I was babysitting Tawra’s kids on Sunday so they could go out for Valentine’s. Well while the cat’s away the mice will play. The kids and I were having fun while mom and day were gone meaning we had toys every where, snacks here and there etc. I had planned on as soon as I got baby Jack into bed have the big kids help and we would all pick things up before mom and dad got home.

      I was in putting on Jack’s jamies and BJ yells “Ahhhhh Nan mom and dad just drove up!” They came home early. I yell you guys start throwing things and get picking up. We have one minute. The whole time I am frantically trying to get Jack zipped up so I can help and I am yelling instructions from the bedroom “Don’t forget the sweater on the chair, the socks on the couch…” I grabbed up Jack and ran to the living room and the kids were zooming back and forth. I had never seen them move so fast and then I was running trying to help and laughing all at the same time.

      Mom and dad walked in the door and said “wow the place looks nice. You picked up” Thank goodness mom and dad had taken an extra 5 minutes in the car to give each other a smooch and enjoy 5 more minutes of peace and quiet before they had to face the troops or we would never had made it.

      Mom and dad didn’t know how bad it looked before they walked in but I guess they will know now. HA!HA!HA!

  37. Sue K says

    I live in a mnaufactured home on the central coast of CA that cost more than you are asking for your home on over an acre. It looks great and seems to be a real bargain to me!

  38. Angie M. says

    I know housing in CA is so expensive. I watch a lot of HGTV and have seen small bungalow style houses (800 – 900 square feet) on an acre lot priced at $200,000 – $400,000. WOW! Here in Ohio, you could buy a 2000 square feet home on maybe 5 acres for $200,000 – $300,000. CA housing costs are unreal!

    I saw a show one time about a family that lived in a mobile home, in a mobile home park in CA and their mobile home payment and lot rent cost so much more than a payment on a nice sized house where I live. I was so shocked!

  39. Sandi P. says

    I love the additional pics of your house and property. How much acreage is included with it? I’d like to see it on google from the satelite. I looked at the general area and it all looks good, especially being close to the airports and airplane manufacturers there in Wichita. It will probably sell before I would be in any shape to buy it, but I can dream, can’t I? Our business was flooded out so we’ve moved the business to another nearby airport here in Southern California, but most of my family is in northern Texas. Your place would be a lot closer to them, and close to aviation industries. I’ll just keep dreaming, dreams do sometimes come true.

  40. Julie Johnson says

    I love your home! It is warm and very welcoming.
    I know just the right person will come along and want to make it THIER home. There is a lot of TLC going on there and it shows. Thanks for sharing this.

    DesMoines, Washington

  41. rose says

    i agree julie… the home does look warm and inviting .. 😀 ..
    and yes u r right.. the right person will come along and make it THEIR home too ..
    😀 ..

    • says

      For the past almost 15 years plus I have not had my boxes unpacked, pictures hung and things like that because about the time I get moved I find out I will be having to move again so needless to say I have been looking at houses for a long time now. All sorts of houses. I really love the modular (mobile) homes their floor plans their construction etc. and would buy one in a heart beat but the reason Tawra mentioned hers isn’t is because in some areas like here people just won’t buy a modular home or pay a reasonable price for one. Another problem is in many areas insurance companies either won’t insure them or will charge much higher rates for them.

      You need to check all of these things out. When I bought my new log cabin in Idaho I didn’t realize until after I bought it there was only 1 insurance company in the state at the time which would insure log homes and then it quit a couple of years after I had lived there. Just check your area.

      Ask your real estate agent. We were looking at a modular home when we first moved here and I could tell the agent was not acting the same with it as the other places. Finally after a bunch a questions we found out from her that here it is really really hard to resell modulars.

      When I was buying the home I have now it had a bad roof and 3 layers of shingles on it. Before I bought it I asked for a new roof. My real estate agent said not to worry about it it wouldn’t be that be a deal to put new shingles on it after I bought it and to just buy it. I still insisted because after some calls I found out because of our bad hail storms insurance companies won’t insure some roofs which have 3 layers on them and I knew from my own experience you are not allowed more then 3 layers which would mean expensive tear off when I replaced it.

      These are all things you need to check on before you buy a home.

  42. says

    Back in 1967 or there abouts. my father started building and selling Halliday homes. These were prefab where you dug the basement and the house was delivered on big flat bed trucks. You put wall A and attached it to floor c and wall B.
    Everyone thought they would be sub standard and for the first few we had quite the audience.
    But after seeing how well they were built and how quickly people could move in my father started having2 or 3 houses going at once all over the district.
    When my husband and I first moved here the town would not let people use mobile homes or trailer homes because they had the idea they would turn into trailer parks and be an eye sore. Now we have a subdivision of them and they are quite nice looking. Would I want to live in one. No they are not insulated well enough for our winters but for warmer climates lots of people love them but I think Tawra you were right in saying it was a house in your ad.
    By the way if you ever want to come and do to my house what you have done to yours feel free.

  43. rose says

    jill .. i love those modular homes too .. i want one of those .. my ex mom in law had one and was very happy in it .. in fact, grandpa (her husband) still lives there (she is no longer with us) ..
    tawra, i hope ur house sells soon .. maybe with the reduced price this will help ..

  44. Pat says

    Looking so good! Hope you are able to sell quickly Tawra.
    I don’t think it would matter at all where you lived, with your family, you’d make it home. I remember years and years ago when I was a new bride, I had a neighbour who always said ” You know when there is a happy family, the home always reflects it. It doesn’t have to have a lot of money spent on it, but you can just see and feel the love.”
    She was right! Your home reflects that too.

  45. says

    I so love the house and the area around the house i keep looking but dont feel God would have us move that far I showed it to my husband and he likes it the kids where not to happy they said no they have tornatos LOL pray you get some one to buy it fast its a great deal

  46. Angie M. says

    Pat, I like that comment and completely agree.

    Another thought on mobile/modular homes versus stick built homes… It is important for people to know which when looking to buy.

    A couple of our local banks are having excellent ‘first-time buyers’ home loan deals right now. No money down and great interest rates for homes up to $150,000. The only stipulation is that it must be a stick built home, no mobile homes or modulars.

    I have nothing against mobile homes and have lived in one myself. Mobile homes and SOME modulars depreciate while stick built homes usually gain value.

    There are beautiful mobile homes out there today. I like to stop and look at mobile home retail lots just to look at the floor plans. They have come a long way since the little trailer my mom and dad bought and put in a trailer park in 1969 when they were first married.

    The two main reasons I didn’t like living in a mobile home were space and sturdiness in storms. I lived in a singlewide and there wasn’t much space at all…not for a family of 4 anyway. We tend to have bad thunderstorms with high wind in the Spring and Summer and once even had a tornado go over (but not touch down). It is SCARY to be in a mobile home during a thunderstorm with high wind. I like a house with a basement for this reason.

    • says

      I don’t blame you Angie for not wanting to live in a mobile home with high winds. Here in Kansas when we go by a mobile home park we say “There is a tornado waiting to happen” For some reason it seems tornadoes head for mobile homes.

      One thing I was going to mention too is many people are nervous about living some where where tornadoes are. They really are no worse then many other things. I have lived all over the country where there were earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, tidal waves, mega snow storms etc. and to be honest I would rather be in tornado country.

      Earthquakes happen usually unexpectedly and there is very few safe places to shelter from one of those. Mudslide country (like in Idaho) to me is the scariest. You can be driving along and boom it hits out of the blue kind of like an avalanche but with mud. Not a good thing. Hurricanes are one step better then earthquakes and mudslides because you can have some warning to prepare. I know all about hurricanes. My dad was one of those guys who would fly into the hurricanes and study them. They are basically a straight tornado.

      Tornadoes I like the best because you have so much warning that usually you can plan for them. Now there are the exceptions but there are exceptions for all the above too and often the exceptions happen in places where tornadoes are not the norm and people aren’t prepared. The other thing I like too is you can go into a tornado room, basement or cellar and usually are safe where you can’t always do that with a mudslide, earthquake etc.

      These aren’t just my own observations either. Deaths a year for tornadoes is 60-80, hurricanes over 200, earthquakes and mudslides are in the thousands. So when you look at the numbers we don’t do to bad. I think part of the tornado scare is people don’t understand them plus all the news media on the storms we do get. They like to run tornado stories because they are so fascinating to some.
      Hope that clears some questions on tornadoes for people.

  47. Angie M. says

    Me too, Jill…I’ll take the storms and tornadoes over the other possibilites. We live in hilly terrain so we don’t worry about flooding. If we flood, everyone else is already covered in water anyway.

    I’m glad not to live in California because of the earthquakes or on the coasts because of hurricanes. I have discussed this many times with people. I think where I live in Ohio is a pretty good area.

    As for the tornadoes, I have a NOAA weather alarm radio. It’s great for listening to weather everyday (I hate watching the news/weather on tv). Plus, whenever there is the threat of bad weather, the radio goes off with the NOAA warning alarm and gives the standard ‘The National Weather Service has issued…’ I keep it in the bedroom, make sure it has fresh batteries and sleep better during tornado season knowing it will alert me to bad weather.

    When I lived in my mobile home, I had a NOAA weather radio too. More than once I was awakened in the middle of the night with tornado warnings. My parents lived really close and I was always welcome to pack up my two kids and go to their house. I did this many times and sat in their basement to wait out a storm. I’m thankful we had that option. That’s where we were at the day the tornado went over. We were so blessed…there were huge trees uprooted near us, lines down and some roof wind damage here and there but no touch down.

  48. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    As a busy single executive with no kids, your house looks like a welcoming home after a hard day’s work. (How do I get a family to welcome me to mine? Te he.)

  49. diana says

    wow.. sally is so sad..i love being frugal because it allowed be to go back to school to become an xray tech and double my hourly not working now but have managed to keep both my used car and pay my bills.

    america could use a lesson in frugality..we may not be in so much trouble..i know i will find a great job soon, its just a matter of time

  50. Ali says

    Your home is beautiful!! I just want to say that you have inspired me to work even harder. My husband and I are looking forward to buying a new home. Unfortunate we do not live in your area. But it gives me a new wind to strive for something that I never thought that I could get. If you can do this so can we. Wish you luck selling the home. It is a tough market at least Where we live. No one can get the loans for the prices the houses are selling for. But you are truly inspiring and proof that frugal living does not mean that you have to live in a cracker box for the rest of your life.

  51. MARTHA says

    Hi, Jill:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your house with us. I don’t know what this lady is talking about. She sounds upset, like you are living in a mansion with servants and four to six vehicles park in your driveway waiting for you to decide which one to drive. Thanks for all your advise and suggestions, God blessed you and your familly.


  1. […] “You sure have a nice house for someone who’s really cheap. I would think you lived in a shack and not a $144,000 house. Your business must be doing well. Not that you don’t deserve it, but it doesn’t match up with your poverty mindset and kind of misleading as a business owner promoting frugal living. I know lots of really poor people and they sure don’t have a house like that or TRULY can’t afford it. I still like your books but you lost a lot of credibility.” Sally […]

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