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It is fun to take your spouse on a treasure hunt for Valentine’s Day! Here are some sample treasure hunt clues or you can make your own just for your hubby!

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt Clues For Your Husband

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt For Your Husband

Take your spouse on a treasure hunt. Send an email message or mail a card with the first clue. Place the clues all over the house, car, yard, and neighbor’s yard. At the end, include directions to a mystery spot for a picnic, movie, dinner out or to you all decked out on the bed. Use your imagination and have fun. It’s the simple things people remember.

Here are some clue ideas to get you started:

Roses are Red
Violets Are Blue
Run to the Fridge
To Find a Clue

Now that you’re here
It’s all clear
It’s a treasure hunt!
Now to the shed, my dear.

I love you so much
Yes, a bunch and a bunch
Look in the pantry next
where we keep your lunch.

Don’t grow weary
My sweet deary
To the bathroom you go
For a note that is cheery!

Are you getting excited for your treat
My dear who is sweet?
Out by the birdbath where the birds go
Tweet, tweet.

This is the last one
Did you have fun?
Downstairs to the bedroom
Now let’s go have fun.

(Note: We were going to play Bingo in the bedroom. ;-) My My, what were you thinking?!)