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Room By Room Spring Cleaning Checklist - Speed Cleaning Ideas

Room By Room Spring Cleaning Checklist – Speed Cleaning Ideas

Once you have your home organized and you have gotten most of the major deep cleaning done, you’re ready to start speed cleaning your home. I also call speed cleaning your home maintenance cleaning because it is more of a maintenance routine than the deep cleaning and organizing.

  • Each family is different so you decide how often you need to do your speed cleaning. You might choose to do it daily, once a week, twice a week, etc. depending on your family size, number of pets and other considerations.

  • Remember if it isn’t dirty but is on your speed cleaning list, don’t clean it. Only clean something when it is dirty.

  • You can use a special apron or plastic container of some kind to put your cleaning supplies in to make it easier to carry from room to room. There are so many options that I could do a whole article just on how to store and transport your cleaning supplies. Find something that works well work for you. Readers often ask what I use with my own cleaning supplies. I don’t carry most of my tools with me. I prefer simple– very simple.

    I keep my rags and 2-3 cleaning products in the bathroom and I do the same in the kitchen. When it is time to clean the living room and bedrooms, I grab a dust rag from the kitchen, spray it with my Pledge (if you use microfiber, you don’t even need to do this.) and take it along with the damp cloth diaper I used to wipe the faucets in the bathroom. The dust rag sprayed with pledge and the cloth diaper are the only things I use to clean the living room and bedrooms. I dust and then use the diaper on mirrors and glass surfaces. When I’m in a big hurry, I will use a feather duster too.

  • I clean the living room first. That way, if unexpected company shows up then it is ready for them. Next I clean the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.


Speed Cleaning Living Rooms Or Family Rooms

Clear clutter
Straighten pillows and throws
Clean glass, mirrors and tabletops
Dust furniture and mantle
Vacuum and damp mop the floors

Speed Cleaning The Kitchen

Wash the dishes
Wipe counters and items on counters (toaster, coffee pot)
Wipe table
Wipe the outsides of appliances that need it.
Empty trash and clean the trash can if needed*
Sweep or vacuum. Then damp mop the floor.
Shake throw rugs*

Speed Cleaning Bathrooms

Clear clutter from the vanity and tub.
Place dirty towels in the laundry.*
Vacuum or sweep the floor.
With a damp piece of toilet paper, wipe up any loose hairs in the sink, tub or toilet.
Spray down the sink, tub and toilet with cleaner.
Wipe and rinse the sink, tub and toilet.
Clean the inside of the toilet.
Dry the sink, tub, and toilet with a rag or cloth diaper.
Empty the waste basket.
Mop the floor.
Shake and replace throw rugs* and towels.

Speed Cleaning Bedrooms

Clear clutter.
Straighten anything that is out of place in the closet or drawers when putting away clothing.
Change linens.
Clean mirrors and glass tables.
Empty waste baskets.*
Vacuum or dust mop.
Shake throw rugs*

* To save time and to keep your momentum when speed cleaning, always place things like throw rugs, trash cans, dirty laundry or things that need to go into another room just outside the door of the room you are cleaning so they’re out of the way. Then, when you are finished cleaning the room, take the throw rugs out to shake and then return them to where they belong. Empty the trash and replace it and put clothes and linens in the laundry.


Here is a list of home cleaning tasks that can be done less often.
These things don’t really fall under speed cleaning. They’re more like occasional deep cleaning. You can pick one thing from this list to do each time you clean a room or do them all on one big cleaning day. Once again do them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on whatever schedule it takes to fit your needs.

Here’s an example of what I normally do with an occasional task: I automatically dust window sills each time I do my speed cleaning because, as I walk from one side of the room to the other, I run my rag along the sills and call it good. At times, I just dust the sill when I clean the windows. Do what works for you.

Once In A While Cleaning List

Dust baseboards, moldings, lamp shades, pictures and areas behind furniture.
Vacuum upholstered furniture.
Vacuum or wash curtains and drapes.
Carefully clean knick-knacks.
Clean inside cabinets and drawers as they need it.
Wash throw rugs.
Scrub tile and grout.
Wash the shower curtain.
Clean the stove and oven.

You may want to add other things to the list of tasks for speed cleaning your home. The things that I listed above are a few basics to get you started. Now go get it done!


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