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save money on laundry and reduce work

Save Money And Time On Laundry!

There seems to be no end to cleaning laundry. I hate to sound like the same broken record but the biggest way to save money on laundry and laundry detergent is not to do so much laundry. Saving money on laundry and reducing the work you have to do often means wearing the same things more than once if they’re not really dirty and being more careful how you use your clothes and linens.

Here is how laundry costs add up and how you can save money on laundry with a few simple changes:

  • If a family of 4 will use their towels 2 times instead of just once, they will save 1 load of laundry a week!
  • If you use that same towel 3 times you’ll have a savings of 2 loads of laundry.
  • If you wear that same pair of jeans 2 times you will save 1 load of laundry.
  • If you wear that same pair of jeans 3 times you will save 2 loads of laundry.


With just those two changes in your habits you could save money on laundry and wash 4 less loads per week. Just imagine the savings of time and money if you added to that wearing the same pajamas and tips more than once.

That would save 208 loads of laundry per year, which means not having to stick an extra 208 loads in the washer, add soap and softener, place in the dryer, fold, iron and put them away. Imagine what you’d do with all of the free time you didn’t have before!

Not only will you save money on laundry and save time, but you will save money not having to replace your clothes as often. Every time you wash a clothing item, it gets worn out and faded a little more. Washing them less when they’re not dirty will make them last longer.


Washing clothes has become so much easier than it was years ago and it has made us become “wasteful” with our laundry. I remember, when I was young, we would come home from school or church and change into our “play” clothes so that our good clothes would stay clean longer. We would wear the same play clothes over and over. Even if they had a little dirt on them it didn’t matter because we were heading outside to put more dirt on them anyway. After 3-4 days, we would get clean ones. Guess what? I didn’t die of anything and my mom had more free time.

The strange thing is that we were always much neater and better dressed back then when we left the house, even to go to the grocery store (more so than 95% of the people I see out and about now). Go figure.

One other way to save money on laundry:

Measure, measure, measure. Don’t just pour your detergent or fabric softener in the washer. Measure it. I usually use only half of the recommended amount. Don’t mess with diluting it down just pour half the amount.

If you only try these few tips, I think you will be pleasantly surprised about how much money and time you save on laundry.



Photo By: Maegan Tintari