You can save a ton of money on your food bill with these 5 easy ways to save on groceries that most people overlook! Stop wasting and save a lot more!

You can save a ton of money on your food bill with these 5 easy ways to save on groceries that most people overlook!

Save Money On Groceries – Use the Food You Buy

One of the best and most overlooked ways of saving money on groceries is actually using the food you buy. You might think this is a silly statement for me to make since it’s something that everyone knows. It’s true that most people do know this but only a fraction of those actually do it. Study after study has shown that the average person throws away up to 50% of their food.

Here are just a couple of tips from our Groceries On A Dime e-books. The title is a little deceiving because Groceries On A Dime not only includes lots of tips for saving money at the grocery store, but also shares things like where to get the best buys, how to change your and your family’s mindset, how to plan menus and information about coupons, warehouse shopping and organizing your kitchen and pantry.


  • Store your leftovers in clear containers when you can, especially those you want eaten quickly. For some reason, families tend to eat what they see more than what they can’t see. That is why people suggest that, if you want your family to eat more fruit, you should set a bowl of it on the table so they can see it.

    Most husbands and kids are a little lazy when it comes to food. They don’t like to have to forage for it, which is probably why, for centuries, it has been the women who went out to gather. Your family will eat leftover food faster if they don’t have to hunt for it.

  • Keep a plastic basket or container in your refrigerator to store the condiments that you use most often (things like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise). Then, when you need these condiments, you just slide out the basket and take everything at one time to put on the table or counter. You could do this with pickles, olives, relish, salad dressings or even sandwich fixings– anything you usually use together.
  • Keep a container in your refrigerator in which to place extra condiments you get from fast food places. Then they are always handy to toss in for lunches or picnics.
  • Use square containers instead of round ones in your refrigerator and freezer to save more room. Also, if you use plastic bags, flatten them as much as possible so that they lay in your freezer to give you more space.
  • Store a marker and tape or labels by your freezer to use to mark things as you place them in the freezer. This is also a good place to keep a list of what you have in the freezer and notes about what you need to use.

This is just a small sample of the kind of tips you can find in the Groceries On A Dime e-books. We have tried to cover every question our readers have asked on the subject along with some others that many of you may have not thought about. If you need to figure out more ways to save money on groceries, take a look at Groceries On A Dime.



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