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Our new home’s entryway and coat closet were not at all functional for our family. Here’s how I reorganized my entryway so it is perfect for my family!

Organizing Your Home - My New Coat Rack And Entryway

Organizing Your Home – My New Functional Coat Rack And Entryway

The new house that we moved into isn’t exactly the most functional house for a family. Ok, it’s downright horrible for family living and I’m kicking myself every day for agreeing to buy it but, at the time, I thought it was a good idea. :-) Now I am on a quest to make the best of it and trying desperately to get organized.

The entryway and coat rack I originally tried to use were driving me nuts! I have a very nice old antique hall tree that my dad gave me (he and mom used to collect antiques) and I love the piece. I put it in my entryway but it was always a cluttered mess as you can see below!

 No one had room to put their stuff. Shoes were everywhere and my “take back to Walmart” pile was always falling over. (BTW, am I the only one who has a never ending “take back to Walmart” pile? ;-) )

Messy Coats On My Antique Hall Tree

One day, I had had enough! I started searching for hooks to make my own coat rack. There is a very small coat closet in the entryway but it most certainly would not work for 6 people, plus that closet is the only place I have to store the vacuum. (You KNOW it’s men who design these new houses! ) (Mike: Hey whoa, whoa whoa!!)

Coat hooks at Lowes were $5 each– NO WAY! So after looking for hooks at thrift stores for 2 months, I found some. Would you believe of all places, I found the hooks at Hobby Lobby and they were only $1.50-$2 each on sale!!!  I spent just $20 total!  So I set out and cleared the space. My 14 year old son helped move the heavy hall tree and I had a nice blank wall!

Entryway Empty

I found new boards in the dumpster, so they were free. We are in a new subdivision and there were tons of great construction dumpster finds!  Then I lined up all the hooks to see how long I would need it. I decided to give each of us 10 inches’ space and that seems to be working pretty well.

Laying out boards and coat hooks on the floor

 My 2 year old helped get it done!

Then after I painted the boards with paint I already had, I screwed the hooks in. I didn’t realize the screws were too long and I did it on the kitchen table. I had just refinished the top of the table and I ever so nicely put a bunch of holes in my table varnish! Augh!!!! Oh well.


Then my son and I hung the new coat rack. Believe it or not this took us forever. The studs weren’t where I needed them and at one point I kept drilling and drilling and the drill would not go through. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and then I realized I was hitting metal.  Oh yeah… the electrical box was right behind that wall! I guess my guardian angel was flying fast over me because I’m still here. :-)  I think we took it down 5 times trying to get anchors in the wall to hang it.

Leveling the boards and coat hooks


We finally got it hung and filled in the 20 plus holes I put in and now it’s up! Yeah!!! I put a hook with each of our initials on it so hopefully everyone will put their stuff in the right place. (Yeah right!)  And here is what it looks like. I don’t have the space decorated above it yet but I wanted to show you what it looks like since I said I would post pictures over a month ago! (Sorry!)


Coat Rack On Plain wall

Now we have all the coats and the shoes lined up all nice and neat…most days.  I’m going to be putting a small table at the end of the shoes to store my “take back to Walmart pile” as soon as I find one at a yard sale.


My finished coat rack

My new coat rack!