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How to Paint Tile

For years now I have been painting everything and I mean everything— long before it was the “in” thing to do and before there was special paints to use for the job. Forty years ago people were horrified when they heard that I had painted a metal storm door with latex paint (the paint still looks good on it). I have also painted vinyl flooring, kitchen cabinets and tiles.

I always thought, “If they look ugly anyway and I am going to have to replace them, why not try it? What do I have to lose?”

When I moved into my current house it had the absolute most awful porcelain tiles I had ever seen in the bathroom. I thought, “Why not paint the porcelain tiles?” This was before the decorating shows came up with the idea that you might be able to paint tiles. :) :)

Six years later, they still look great!



Here’s what I did:

  • Sand them lightly
  • Clean well with degreaser – Dow bathroom cleaner or mineral spirits works well
  • Paint with “No Sand”. No Sand is a product found with the paints, which is sometimes used in place of sanding but I use it as a paint “glue” for things like cabinets or tiles.
  • Paint with Kilz (I prefer oil based.)
  • Paint with latex paint. You can use any kind of latex paint. I used flat paint in my bathroom because that is what I already had but I usually prefer semi-gloss or gloss paint for places like that because it is easier to clean.

    I haven’t tried using paint in shower stalls where the water would be hitting it all the time. I’ve only used it on the bathroom walls and kitchen back splashes that had plastic tiles (Yeah, there is such a thing) and it worked fine.


 P.S. Here are some instructions on how to paint a vinyl floor. 



Photo by: jpvargas