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From: Susan

Dear Tawra & Jill, I enjoy the site very much and was hoping I could ask for some help. With school starting up, the fundraising will be too!

Could you post a request for unique, interesting, low-initial-investment fundraising ideas?

We’ve been through all the usual (i.e. cookbooks, selling cookies, pizza, candles, etc.) and, quite frankly, everyone is tired of them. Since you have readers from all over the country, I thought they might do something a little different than what we do up here in the "north".

For example, one idea that we had was to have the kids become "Singing Christmas Cards". For a $5 donation, 4-6 kids show up at your house or any house you’d like to send a "card" to and sing carols. No cost to us and the kids have fun too. Thanks and keep writing…

Thanks for writing! I would love to hear your ideas. I don’t allow the kids to sell fundraisers. We decided when they started school that we would not participate and we don’t.

One thing our old school did was have a carnival. We did go to that and supported it but it was huge amount of work for the volunteers!

So readers… any new ideas?