Are You Watching What You Eat but Still Overweight?

We probably know more about health and about what we should eat and not eat than any other generation. We have access to great food but it seems that the healthier we are eating the more obesity is becoming a serious problem.

I personally believe a good portion of the problem is portion (no pun intended) control. I won’t go into a lot of detail about portion control because I have touched on it so frequently in our e-books and in other articles about saving on food. but here are some other things to look for when feeding your family. Just because it looks and says it’s healthy doesn’t mean it is.


  • Fruit smoothies have as many calories as a Big Mac and often as much sugar as 2 bags of M&M’s.
  • Veggie chips have the same calories as regular chips.
  • Organic cookies have the same amount of calories and sugar as regular cookies.  Organic anything does not have less calories or sugar but many think it does. Some people even think organic means no calories. Being organic has nothing to do with calories or losing weight.
  • Frozen yogurt has the same sugar and calories as regular ice cream and because it is frozen it has none of the active ingredients of regular yogurt.
  • Stick to your ribs. We aren’t eating the kind of foods to stay with us either.I recently saw on TV where they were saying people really needed to get back to eating eggs and bacon for breakfast. They said they are finding people who do that weigh less. Why? Because when you eat one small container of yogurt for breakfast in 30 minutes or less you are hungry again and start nibbling on “healthy” things to fill you up. Once again adding more portions of “healthy” food to your diet then you should.


Of course the way you make the smoothies and the brands you buy can make a difference. I am just saying check into things. I have friends who buy frozen yogurt not because they love it but because they assume it has less calories than ice cream. So be careful and watch what you eat and also how much you eat. Just because it’s called healthy or organic doesn’t mean you have license to eat 10 times as much and it won’t hurt you.



photo by: ginnerobot

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