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Do you worry every little thing you do might harm your children? Many parents worry about buying lots of expensive children’s gifts, but it’s not necessary.

Don’t Worry So Much About Your Children’s Gifts

Don’t Worry So Much About Your Children’s Gifts

I shouldn’t laugh at young parents now because I was the same way years ago. I was so worried about every little thing in my children’s lives. I worried what would happen if I didn’t do this or that or if they didn’t get the finest educations. What about their social lives and, even worse, what if I couldn’t provide everything they wanted or needed? I even worried about what their friends and others thought.


I always worried and wondered, “Am I warping my kids for life in everything I do?” Guess what I found out. If you love your kids more than anything else, turn them over to God and do the best you can at that moment. They will turn out just fine. All those hours, days and years of blood, sweat and tears worrying whether they would be warped were a waste of time. For most of us, one of the biggest worries comes at Christmas. Will our kids will be warped and disappointed for life if we don’t get them that must have toy?

What made me think of this? My son just sent me a survey that he had filled out where it asked him what his favorite toy was as a child. He said Pooh Bear. I had forgotten about his Pooh Bear and had to laugh. I remember so well getting that silly bear for him. He was about 2 or 3 and he loved Pooh. At that time, Pooh toys were terribly expensive (another example of how there are a lot of things that are cheaper now). There was no way we could afford a Pooh for him for Christmas. I found an inexpensive little brown bear that Santa gave him and called it Pooh. He loved that bear so much and really didn’t seem to know any difference that it wasn’t the real thing.

Here is the answer from my son when I told him this story:

“MY ANSWER TO THIS REVELATION  – I am crushed. This is one of those life moments that you will never forget. All my life I grew up believing that Pooh Bear was the real thing. POOH BEAR WAS A FAKE. I never noticed that he was brown instead of yellow. Skin color was never an issue for me. I loved him for the way he was. Now the truth comes out…when I am 34…35 years old. Heart breaking, gut wrenching truth…Oh woe is me!! HA! HA! HA!”

As you can see all those hours I spent worrying about not being able to get him the real thing were spent for nothing. He never even realized it wasn’t the real thing and he didn’t really care. I especially liked the skin color joke because it has been a funny story in our family.


Skin color never has been an issue with my son. My son (David) was always really tall, super skinny, white as a ghost and blond. When he was in 4th grade, one of his favorite teachers had the last name Cooper like his. She was very short, stocky and African American. We were always joking with her about whether she was related to David.

David so loved her all year long. Then the week before Martin Luther King’s birthday, he came running home from school all excited saying, “Mom did you know Mrs. Cooper is a black lady? Isn’t that something?” All this time he had never seen the color of her skin. He had just looked at her through the eyes of love and saw Mrs. Cooper, his favorite teacher. I don’t think you can get more unprejudiced than that. :) :)

But back to Pooh. You may not be able to get you children all their “Poohs” this year at Christmas but don’t worry. Take it from someone who has “been there, done that”. It will be okay. Just do the best you can for them with lots of love and it will be fine.


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