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An inexpensive homemade daily shower cleaner recipe you can use to reduce how often you have to clean the shower. It’s easy to make with common ingredients!

2 Ingredient Easy Shower Cleaner Recipe

I want to know about that “Daily Shower Cleaner.” I spray it around in my shower every day. There are several brands – One is CleanShower, Tilex makes one, etc.

I think the product works quite well. It helps keep my shower squeaky shiny clean, BUT…cheapskate that I am, I would like to know if I can mix it up myself rather than buying it all the time. It SEEMS like it should be a fairly simple blend…I have thought that it might be made from denatured alcohol and dish soap blended into water, but I am chicken to try doing that without a little guidance. Can you help? -Maryellen


Here you go, Maryellen! This Daily Shower Cleaner recipe is in the Dining On A Dime Cookbook! Once again, when we say we have unusual things in our cookbook, we really do. :-) -Tawra


Daily Shower Cleaner Recipe

8 oz. concentrated cleaner (Lysol is a good one.)
16 oz. isopropyl alcohol

Pour cleaner and alcohol into a gallon bucket. Add enough water to make one gallon. Pour into a spray bottle. Thoroughly clean shower before using. Spray on shower daily. Use daily to prevent water deposits and soap scum.