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How can you give gifts without contributing to the chaos in their lives? Consider giving consumable Christmas gifts they can enjoy but will not clutter their homes afterward!

Consumable Christmas Gifts

Consumable Christmas Gifts

From: Rachel H:

I was reading your post about Christmas. I have 5 grandchildren. The oldest will soon be 4, the youngest is 4 months. I keep my eyes open but just don’t find appropriate toys that are affordable, which they must be when buying for five! I am an avid couponer and love the buy 1, get 1 sales at Publix and Winn Dixie.

Today I was at Publix looking at some Del Monte fruit cups I had a $1 off coupon for, when it suddenly hit me… My grandkids would love these! Why not give food for Christmas presents? Sure, their parents buy food for them, but they buy toys too. I can use my coupons to purchase fruit cups, pudding cups, candy bars, cookies, etc… It’s in with my grocery bill each week, and I can start buying now and put in a box till December. The main thing is that at this age they love to unwrap. It doesn’t really matter what’s inside. I may not be able to do this forever, but who knows in later years, maybe treats and some money, they can buy what they want.

consumable gifts


consumable giftsWe do this at our house. The kids don’t get “special” food items like these on a regular basis so they get them as treats for the holidays. Santa often brings them packets of microwave popcorn, juice boxes, gum, pop tarts, fruit roll-ups, fruit gummies, cocoa packets and all that kind of stuff that is the staple of most of their friends’ lunch boxes. Of course we regulate how much they can eat in one day. :-)

For birthdays Mike will get his favorite tea, candies or ice cream sauce. I will get my favorite tea, nuts, blueberry jelly or other goodies. 

This is a great way to get the one your love a gift without all the clutter.



Tawra mentioned something that has been a pet peeve of mine for years and that is “treats” for our kids. We are depriving are kids of so much by giving them too much. We are depriving them of the excitement, joy and anticipation that comes from looking forward to and receiving a special treat.

They get all these things, which we used to think of as something special, on a daily basis so they see them as just everyday fare. When kids are given everything, they have nothing to look forward to. A whole can of pop or a novelty ice cream was something we looked forward to getting. The excitement of thinking about getting it was almost as wonderful as the treat itself.

Not only that, as in any war, my mom used all of the weapons she could and she never hesitated in blackmailing us. If we didn’t do our chores or behave properly, we didn’t get our treat. Stop depriving your kids by starting to deprive them a little more. Give them something to look forward to and add a little joy to their lives.