Quick Apple Crisp Recipe

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Apple Crisp is always a yummy family favorite and this quick and easy apple crisp recipe will help you make it in a snap! It’s great for unexpected company!

Quick Apple Crisp Recipe

Here’s a quick, easy and delicious apple crisp recipe.¬†Apple crisp is a great alternative to apple pie when you just don’t have enough time to put a complete pie together. Just keep the ingredients in your pantry for a fast dessert when unexpected company shows up. It’s also a nice addition to any family dinner and kids and families love it. It’s also an easy after school snack and great potluck dish. I often use dehydrated apples if I have them on hand. Just boil the dehydrated apples in some water and then when softened drain off the water and use instead of pie filling.

Quick Apple Crisp Recipe

Place 1-2 handfuls of gingersnaps (these cost about $1 at the dollar store) or sugar cookies in a plastic bag. Crush them and add:

Flour (about 2-3 Tbsp.)
Brown sugar (1/4-1/2 cup)
Oats (1/2 cup)
Cinnamon (to taste)
Cut in enough butter (3-4 Tbsp.) to make it crumbly.

These measurements don’t have to be exact. You can just dump everything into the bag and gently mix together.

Pour 1 can of apple pie filling into a pan (or make filling from your favorite apple pie or apple crisp recipe). Sprinkle above mixture on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or according to your own recipe.

You can also mix all the topping ingredients except the butter and store in bags (use the same bag you crushed the cookies in) or jars ready to use when you need something fast.

For a quick gift, put together a basket, bowl, pan or bag with a bag of topping mix a can of apple pie filling and the recipe.

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  1. Sandi P says

    During the winter I make something similar with whole berry cranberry sauce instead of the pie filling. Around the holidays is when you can find the cranberry sauce cheap, and it gets rave revues when I take it to get togethers. If the cranberries are a bit too tart, just add a little of your favorite sweetener to it.

  2. Sheri says

    When we want a quick crisp, we dump the fresh prepared fruit in the pan, top it with our favorite granola, (We might add a few dots of butter.) then bake.

    All done!

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