Mom turned 60 and I forgot!!!

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Ok, so I’m a smuck of a daughter. Yesterday mom turned 60, things  haven’t been exactly going smooth here and I totally forgot to mention it.  Because we aren’t in Kansas now she didn’t have a party, no presents, had to eat leftover dead chicken soup because she was too sick to go out to eat, nothing.  So…everybody wish her a late happy birthday so she can feel loved again! :-)




  1. Annjanette says

    Happy Belated Birthday Jill. I pray for a speedy recovery so you’re feeling better soon. Love all your words and works of wisdom. Blessings to you.

  2. Mary Crabtree says

    DEAR Jill,
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
    May you feel Jesus near every day of the year!

    We all love you, Jill! Praying for your best year ever!

  3. Bea says

    As you celebrate today
    May the presence of the Lord
    Be with you in greater measure
    Than it ever has before
    And know that we appreciate
    All the little things you do
    And know that God is well pleased
    And is smiling down on you.

    Hope you have a really great day
    In what you plan to do
    And even though we can’t be there
    We are thinking of you
    May you know God’s goodness
    And feel His presence more
    For today and everyday
    May you be blessed of the Lord.

    Happy Birthday JILL!!!

  4. says

    Thank you everyone for your sweet birthday wishes. My daughter really isn’t a smuck. I knew it was hectic back there and all. I just had to laugh because I had a family member ask if I was going to have a big bash since it was my 60th as I was sitting there eating my dead chicken soup. I was going to celebrate even if it was by myself and go out to a fast foods place but ended being too tired and sick to do that. Oh well! After living with CFS for 20 plus years I am use to it by now.

    I really wasn’t expecting too much this year anyway with all that was going on but it was exceptionally strange. I even at least get a card from QVC each year and didn’t get that. Pretty pathetic. HA!HA! I don’t know what is more pathetic missing a birthday card from QVC or that being the only thing exciting that happens on my birthday. Just joking and having to tease my poor overwhelmed daughter who I love very much.

    Anyway thanks again so much to all of you for a very nice belated birthday.
    Jill (29 and holding)

    I did have one highlight to my day. My granddaughter said “Nan you can’t be 60. You don’t look that old at all. ” Believe you me she will get extra presents this year. :):)

  5. Bea says

    That is so cute what you granddaughter said. You know age is only a matter of perspective. I know ladies from my church who are still going strong at the ages of 84 and 97. The 97 year old that I know from Church is always doing things. She surprises people half her age with her activities and very full life. If I knew ahead of time it was your birthday I would have sent you a card!!!

  6. Marsha says

    Happy belated birthday and hope you are feeling better. Love the cook book ( bought 3, one for me and one for each daughter) and enjoy opening the emails and reading all the comments about everything. Keep up the good work.

  7. Cindy says

    Belated Happy Birthday, Jill. I hope you are feeling better, too. I really enjoy the feeling of community on this site, thanks to you, Tawra, Mike and all your family.

  8. harriet says

    Jill, I want you to know: your words resonate with me very often. I’ve been under a lot of money stress lately, and I think to myself, “Stop allowing having money or lack of money to be tied up with having or lacking peace and joy.” It really, really helps me. Thank you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  9. barb~ says


    I’m sending best wishes from my heart to you for a special day! You are such a JOY and BLESSING to me. I thank God I found you and your wonderful website. You are touching many lives in a very positive way and making a huge difference in the way we will live going forward. You are a true inspiration! I pray God’s loving hand will keep you safe and healthy for another 60 yrs.!

    Many blessing to you, special lady!

  10. Sheala says

    It’s ok Tawra, smuck of a daughter and smuck of a daughter-in-law, things aren’t exactly “peachy” here either. Oh well we were “GREAT DAUGHTERS” at least for a short time somewhere in our lives right?! 😉

    • says

      Thank you my sweet “smuck” of a daughter in law. :) It’s the thought that counts even if it is a day late. I know I am your favorite mother in law anyway. :) :)

  11. Cris says

    So cute, LOL!! Jill, you obviously mean a lot to your family. You mean a lot to all of us too… we always appreciate your wisdom, and we are all your daughters, sisters, and aunts in spirit!! Happy belated birthday!!

  12. Alicia Webster says

    Happy Birthday, Jill !! When you are feeling better (and I hope it’s soon), go out and treat yourself to something that you enjoy (an ice cream cone, a movie, a book that you have been dying to read, etc.) People who are older than I am always say, “oh birthdays don’t mean as much as much at this age…it’s too much fuss…blah…blah..blah…” I don’t believe it for a second…even though your b-day has passed, you still need to celebrate it in some way, because 60 is sensational !!

    • says

      I just want to thank everyone again for your kind birthday wishes. I have to agree with you Alicia I don’t care how old you are you still love those special days although I have been worn out enough I didn’t worry about it too much. I will plan on treating myself as soon as I get the strength back to enjoy it. I have not been practicing what I preach and have way over done. Shame on me.

      I will probably do all the above that you mentioned – movie, book and a hot fudge sundae. OH YUM. I’m feeling better just thinking about it. :)

      Anyway thanks to everyone of you for your well wishes.

  13. Janet says

    Everyone has always seem to forget my birthday it was extra hard on me this year as I too turned 60 I have four children and only the youngest makes a great effort to try to remember (he was at a military camp and could not call but did send a gift)

    So happy birthday Jill (very late)
    It is the the thoughts that count.

  14. Lori says

    Happy belated b-day Jill! I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your birthday weekend in your own way.

  15. David says

    So i was feeling kind of left out since everyone was wishing my mother a happy birthday (late). However I must mention that I am the only one that remembered and called on her birthday.
    of course i won’t mention that she had to tell me how old she was…But at least I called 😉

  16. rose says

    happy birhtday jill .. sorry so late . just got on the website from being away from looking at it for a few days .. hope u had a wonderful day!!! 😀

  17. says


    Very Happy Belated Birthday! At one time I wasn’t excited about another birthday as the number was going higher and higher and then the Lord reminded me that another birthday is a blessing from Him. May this be a wonderful year of growing closer to Him.
    I enjoyed visiting with you at Aldis before Christmas when you were buying supplies to make you gingerbread cookies. It was so encouraging meeting and visiting a short while with you.
    Have a wonderful year!

    • says

      Well thank you Mary. I really enjoyed our visit that day too. You are so right right another birthday is a blessing. I have never worried to much about getting older for some reason I have never thought to much about my age or ever wanted to be older or younger although I will admit I would love to be as thin as I was a few years ago HA!HA! but even that is my own fault (I love my candy) :)

      I hope all is going well with you and your family. Who knows I might run into you again one day so just holler or grab me. It was really good to hear from you.

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