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Easy ideas for organizing closet shelves and other spaces in your home. Organized shelves make everything more functional in addition to looking neater!

4 Ways To Organize Your Closet - Click Here To Get It Organized Now!

4 Ways To Organize Your Closet

Don’t you just it love when you walk into a store or see one on TV and all the things on the shelves look so neat? You go home and refold and neatly stack the things on your shelves and they look better but still not quite the same. 


What is their secret?

  1. They leave at least a couple of inches of space between their stacks of items. Not only do they leave space between their stacks but also from the top of the stack to the top of the next shelf.

    You may say, “This is nice but aren’t you wasting a lot of space at home?” 

    Yes and no. You do lose some inches of potential storage space but, at the same time, organizing your stacks this way on your shelves makes it so much easier to get things in and out. Not only does it look nicer but it is easier to use and keep neat.

    Also this method saves you from having to spend more money on things like shelf dividers. As much as I love shelf dividers myself, if you start buying them for all your shelves and closets it can start adding up. Since we are all about saving money, it’s good to consider that you won’t need them if you just leave a couple of inches in between stacks, keep things neatly folded and don’t stack things too high. Depending on the thickness of the items, of course, but things like sweaters should only be stacked about 4 deep.

  2. This same principle works with other things like your desktop, tools or furniture. Have you every noticed something is wrong with the furniture in a room. It looks cluttered but it doesn’t have that much in it. Sometimes that is a result of not leaving enough space in between the pieces of furniture or items. 

    If something looks off in your room, try pulling things apart or away from the walls and see what a difference it makes.

  3. Keep things neatly folded. Make sure the smooth folded edges of linens and clothes are facing forward like I show on our How to fold a fitted sheet video.

  4. Keep things neatly stacked. It is very important to declutter and get rid of things but if you don’t have time to do that at least gather papers, magazines, books etc. into a neat stack. One of the first tricks I learned when professionally cleaning houses was to stack things. We weren’t allowed to throw away or put away any paper items in a home since it wasn’t our home but in order to make the place look tidy we were told to quickly gather things up and neatly stack them where they lay.

    (Mike: When I clean the house, I don’t want to move Tawra’s things, so I simply neatly stack items in the room where they are. Even when they’re not put away, having one neat stack of things makes everything neater.)