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After Christmas Savings - Unusual After Christmas Sale Buys

I wrote this in December 2009. -Jill

Unusual After Christmas Buys

One year, when I was on my after-Christmas shopping expedition, I couldn’t believe what I found. I really hadn’t planned on going to the after Christmas sales because I didn’t need anything, but I just happened to be out and about and couldn’t resist checking out the clearance items. I ended up with some unusual things that some of you may not think to look for at these sales. These things were unusual even for me.


First of all, I found toothpicks. Weird, huh? I know it sounds silly but I just ran out of toothpicks last week and really needed some. Lo and behold, right in the middle of all the Christmas clearance items were Christmas toothpicks. One package of the Christmas toothpicks was the same size as three of the normal sized boxes of toothpicks and I got it for $.24. To make it even more fun, the toothpicks came in some wonderful round decorative containers that I can reuse when I give cash gifts next year. I’ll simply roll up the money and place it in the containers. They were the perfect size and shape and provided the perfect festive package for this gift.

I also found a pair of 7 1/2 inch scissors, really nice ones, for $.60. They were on clearance because they were holiday scissors with snowflakes on the blades but, except for the snowflakes, they were the same as regular scissors.

Last, but not least, I bought regular sized boxes of Kleenex tissues for $.25. Once again, they had Christmas designs on the outside of them but I didn’t mind one bit!

I know it’s strange but I do love getting good deals that are unusual… and I wonder where my daughter gets her weird habits. ;-) It’s still not too late to get some great deals. I often wait until the day before or after New Years to find some really good prices because by that time the stores are getting desperate to get rid of holiday clearance items and I can usually get them for 75% to 90% off. If you do wait that long, many items will already be sold, but you’d be surprised what you can find!

Happy Hunting! Jill

PS. If you need to buy a good wedding gift, you might consider buying a nice assortment of Christmas decorations to give as a gift. This is great for the couple who has everything or for those times when you just don’t know what to get. I received some Christmas decorations for my wedding and I know of other people who have, too, and I loved it! Pack them in a plastic Christmas tote.