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Recycling Old Silk Flowers and Garlands

You have seen them everywhere– bags of those ugly old silk flowers and garlands. I even have a few in my garage. Well, believe it or not there is a use, even for those.

  • I have spray painted things like faded silk geraniums red and tucked them into my flower boxes with my real flowers and people can’t tell they aren’t real.
  • Try different colors. For example, if you like the shabby chic look then spray paint all of the silk flowers white and tuck them in different places.
  • Silver or gold will look great with many different styles of decorating.
  • Spray paint your old silk flowers black and use them to decorate for Halloween. The more worn the better.
  • Don’t forget you can paint those ugly old vases, too. They work especially well for things like Halloween decorations.
  • I just found a bunch of glass pop bottles. Instead of tossing them, I am going to spray paint them all white and line them along my kitchen window sill with a colorful flower in each one.

You can buy special silk flower paint, but I just use regular spray paint. I don’t stress about it if they don’t turn out or if the paint starts to peel after a bit. I was going to toss this stuff anyway, so I don’t have anything to loss and I might have a lot to gain.




Photo By: Brianna Lehman