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Fresh Zucchini - Using Zucchini Leftovers

One year after having a dynamite of a veggie garden, we had zucchini coming out our ears!! We wondered, "What do we do with it???" I tried giving it away, some friends took it, most did not. A few ways I used them was:

#1. Made cookies with them, using a carrot cookie recipe. I also made the cookies with yellow summer squash. They were good (be sure to drain shredded zucchini or yellow squash really well before using them this way, or your batter will be really runny.) I took the squash cookies to work, everyone loved them! Some wouldn’t believe they had grated yellow summer squash in them.


#2. I used my deceased Mamaw’s recipe for Cucumber Pickle Relish. It was awesome!! We used it in potato salads, tuna salads, ham salads, chicken salads, etc. No one knew it wasn’t cucumbers till I told them!

#3. If you’ve never tried Chocolate Zucchini Bread, you should do so especially if you’re a chocoholic!!

Sincerely, Terri H.

I have made zucchini cake many times by just substituting zucchini for carrots in a carrot cake recipe. Yummy! (especially with the cream cheese frosting!)




Photo By: Paul Sullivan

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