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When someone is injured, it’s nice to have an ice pack handy. These easy homemade reusable ice pack recipes using easy ingredients are just what the doctor ordered!

Easy Homemade Reusable Ice Packs Recipe

Easy Homemade Reusable Ice Packs Recipe 

Since I have Fibromyalgia, homemade ice packs always come in handy after I come back from the chiropractor or getting a massage. Sometimes the pain is worse after I have a treatment and I keep begging someone to come with a full body BenGay or a full body ice pack!

We have all heard to use a bag of frozen peas as an improvised ice pack but it really does a number on the poor peas and half the time I don’t have them on hand. Here are 3 simple homemade ice packs you can keep in the freezer and reuse over and over.  They all use ingredients you have at home so you probably won’t even need to make a trip to the store to make your homemade ice packs.


Mini Ice Pack

For those little spots, especially on kids, keep a ketchup packet you had left from your last burger at a fast food place and freeze it. We all have a thousand of these it seems and even though we do eventually use them up, a few in the freezer will save the day when one of the kids is screaming!


Large Homemade Ice Pack

2 cups water
1 cup rubbing alcohol

Mix in a ziptop bag. I suggest double bagging it. Freeze. You can use it over and over. The heavy duty freezer bags seem to work best for this homemade ice pack.

*When filling a bag with liquid or anything, place the bag in a bowl and fold the bag edges down over the bowl top then pour the liquid in.


Dish Soap Ice Pack

Dish soap

Fill a ziptop bag 1/2-3/4 full with dish soap. Double bag. Then freeze. You will be able to mold it around your injury. Once again, heavy duty freezer bags last the longest.