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It’s easy to make chicken stock with this homemade chicken stock recipe. This makes a great base for soups and other dishes. Here is a step by step process to make chicken stock with leftover chicken.

Homemade Chicken Stock Recipe

Homemade Chicken Stock Recipe

Homemade chicken stock is super simple and basically free to make. Since we eat a lot of chicken at our house, I always have leftover chicken bones. I have everyone save their chicken bones during dinner. Then I just throw the bones in a pan and fill it up with water. Sometimes I throw in an onion, a carrot or some celery.  Then I let it simmer overnight on low and in the morning I have yummy chicken stock. Really, that’s it! 

I always seem to have more chicken stock than I can use so I put the extra stock in the freezer in 2 cup portions and then save it for later. If you don’t have time to cook the chicken stock after dinner you can just throw the bones in the freezer and make it later.

When I was using up the food from the freezer for our move I found some chicken stock that I had frozen so I have them on the stove now cooking away. I will use the broth to flavor my rice for dinner.  It’s so simple that even a cook like me can do it! -Tawra


  • Step 1- Save chicken bones. This is the leftover bones from two large chicken breasts we ate for dinner.
  • Step 2- Add flavoring. I used onions but you can add, garlic, carrots, celery or anything else you would like.
  • Step 3- Simmer on the stove at least 4 hours. I simmer mine overnight on low.
  • Step 4- Enjoy your chicken stock. My two chicken breast bones make about 2 1/2 cups of concentrated stock. I usually dilute mine down with half water and and half stock.



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