Did you know you can make your own Chalkboard Paint?  I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve seen this recipe several places and it seems really easy.

My 8 year old wants a wall of chalkboard and I just might try this!  By the way, look in the marked down section at Lowe’s or Home Depot for broken open non-sanded tile grout packages. It would be cheaper than than buying a new package. You could also ask friend, family or in our case you might ask the builder in your subdivision if you can just have some if they are remodeling. 1 Tbsp. isn’t much so I’m sure they would just give it to you for asking.

Don’t forget, those acrylic craft paints come in thousands of colors so you could make some really cool and colorful chalkboards!! Isn’t the one above from BHG.com just too cool! Tawra


Homemade Chalkboard Paint

1 Cup of latex house paint or acrylic craft paint

1 Tbsp. of non-sanded tile grout


Mix paint and grout together making sure all lumps are out. The using a roller* or brush paint on wall or object where you want a chalkboard.  Paint 2 coats for best coverage. After it’s dry use a fine sandpaper and lightly sand to make smooth.

*A roller makes the paint go on smoother.



Photo by: foxtonge

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