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Help Us Plan Our Family Vacation!

Help Us Plan Our Family Vacation

We got some money back from taxes this year and were want to use it to plan a trip to take the kids somewhere. We’ve only been on one 3 day vacation where we were not visiting family and we want to make the most of the opportunity.

We were considering going the week before Memorial day.

We had thought about trying to go to Disneyland, but after talking to our Facebook readers, we decided it was way to much hassle.  We weren’t sure it would really be worth it and we didn’t have enough money anyway.  I still can’t grasp the concept that it’s worth working 7 weeks to pay for a 1 week vacation, but that’s just me. :-)

So we are planning to go to Branson and Silver Dollar City for our family vacation. (For those of you not familiar with it, Silver Dollar City is a fun family amusement park with a cave tour.)

Here are my questions:

What hotel would you recommend that has a pool and breakfast? Preferably less than $70 a night if that’s possible and, since there are 6 of us, that limits which hotels we can use.

Are there ways to get cheaper tickets into Silver Dollar City other than e-bay? We don’t want to get there and then not have the tickets be valid. :-)

What are some good places to eat? Most of our meals will be McDonald’s or Wendy’s, I’m sure, but one or two nice sit down nights might be nice. If I’m going on vacation, I don’t want to be cooking!

What else is fun to do in the Branson area?  We might stay one or two extra nights and do something else besides visit Silver Dollar City but what would be worth doing? I found zipline tickets on Groupon but are there any other things you would recommend? Our kids are ages 4-16. They would probably not appreciate any shows ($200 are you kidding!!!) or fishing.

Since we have never really gone on vacation, I am HORRIBLE about trying to plan these things and I think I need to get some anti-anxiety medications just to get me through figuring out the hotel! LOL

So, pretty please, share you ideas with me!