This growing crystals recipe makes a fun science experiment for kids! Growing crystals is an easy craft for kids and they just love watching the crystals grow a little more and making new and interesting patterns each day! Adding the food coloring makes it more colorful and also helps them see more clearly how the crystals are forming!

Growing Crystals Recipe - Kids Experiments

Growing Crystals Recipe – Fun Kids Science Experiment

Who doesn’t remember growing crystals in school and how much fun it was to see the changes each day? You don’t have to be a professional to grow crystals at home and it’s a great science experiment for kids. Try this easy recipe and enjoy the magic!

Crystals Recipe

  • bluing
  • ammonia
  • salt
  • liquid food coloring
  • water

Day #1: Place damp sponge pieces in a shallow glass or plastic bowl. Pour 2 Tbsp. each of bluing, salt, water and ammonia over the sponge pieces.

Day #2: Add 2 Tbsp. salt.

Day #3: Add 2 Tbsp. each bluing, salt, water and ammonia. Avoid pouring on the crystal growth because the crystals can be easily damaged. Repeat Day #3 as needed to keep the crystals growing. For color, add drops of your choice of food coloring.

*Bluing can be purchased in the laundry section at the store.


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