Bean Philosophy – How the garden can cure your troubles!

Laurie put a cute saying on the blog and I didn’t want you all to miss it. She said her great grandma had a saying which went, "When you are tired of life and all of it’s scenes- go out into the garden and hide behind the beans."

I love it and it sure would beat hiding in the bathroom because my kids would always find me there. Once I tried hiding in a closet just to try something different and they told the dog to track me down. The silly dog actually found me. I didn’t think he had it in him. He surprised us all.

Even after my kids were grown and married, they still seemed to have an uncanny knack for finding me. I would go somewhere with a friend and they would track me down. My friend used to shake her head and wonder how they could do that.

It’s nice to be needed… I think… You have to love them anyway. :)




Photo By: feather

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