Stop Cleaning

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I just saw the funniest Maxine (the crabby lady and her dog) cartoon. Thought it was perfect for this time of year. It said

“Stop dusting, and you can use your coffee table as a message board.”

Too funny. Good excuse to put off my cleaning for another day. 😀



photo by: xtheowl


  1. getforfree says

    It is usually not the dust itself that makes house look dirty, but the clutter and things laying around that should be picked up (or thrown away).

    • says

      Yes this is true we were mostly joking with this but next week keep checking our posts because we will be hitting true cleaning and decluttering.

  2. Maggie says

    In our first house, our furnace was on a little room tacked on to the back of the house. It’s generator box was black and stuck out from the main part of the furnace about 8 inches. The box was about 8″ square. One day, I noticed a date written in the dust that collected on the box (I guess I never considered that a furnace would need to be dusted). The date was something like July 1974 and by the time I noticed it, it was late September. My husband was furious that not only had I not dusted it but that I didn’t even notice that it needed it. I wouldn’t have noticed it when I did had not the cat gotten behind the furnace and I spent nearly an hour trying to entice her to come out. After that, I made sure that I dusted the “box” every time I went in that room. No reason to make trouble. :)

  3. says

    Oh that is funny. Very funny. My Mom told me a story about the dust on top of the refrigerator. Years ago, she would dust the top about every month or so…until she noticed my Dad (who was 6’3″ vs. her 5’4″) had written dates in the dust. She decided to play with him and not dust the top. Finally after about 3 months he asked her if she was ever going to dust the top of the fridge. She sweetly stated that if it bothered him so much, he should dust it himself, especially since he did not need a chair to dust. He did not dust, but never wrote dates in the dust again.

    blessings, jill

    • says

      Too funny Jill. I had a similar thing happen to me. My husband was 6’3 and I was 5’3. One day a couple of weeks after my second baby was born. I was sitting in the kitchen sobbing because I couldn’t keep up with the house work and have a spotless house like my husband’s grandmother did. My husband very sweetly held me and told me not to be so hard on myself – I had a 13 month old, a new born, a house we were tearing down to the 2×4’s (including no kitchen, proper bathroom etc.) and no family or friends to help me. Grandma had a new house, no kids and a very large support system. He was so kind and comforting and told me not to worry about the house I was doing the best I could and it didn’t bother him.

      He then stands up and goes to the fridge to get a drink of water for me and looks at the top of the fridge and says “Do you know the top of the fridge needs to be cleaned.” I looked at him in shock and it dawns on him what he said. Poor guy he really felt bad because it only took him a half a second to realize what he had said. Thank goodness we were able to laugh about it.

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