Red Hot Candy Apples Recipe

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Try these easy red hot candy apples recipes! These bright red cinnamon apples are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas and everybody loves them!
Red Hot Candy Apples Recipe


Easy Red Hot Candy Apples Recipe

When you go to the stores looking for your after Halloween sales, be sure to pick up some red hot cinnamon candies to use throughout the holidays. Red hot cinnamon candies are great to use with lots of recipes, including this next red hot candy apples recipe. I have made this over and over for 30 years because it is so easy and everyone loves it.

Red Hot Candy Apples are perfect for Thanksgiving and the bright red color of the Red Hot Apples makes it a great recipe for Christmas! You can serve it alone, over ice cream or topped with granola. As an added bonus, it makes the house smell soooo delicious so it is perfect for company or for when the kids come in from school.

Red Hot Candy Apples

4 apples, peeled and sliced
1/4 cup red hots (cinnamon candy)
2 Tbsp. water

Place all ingredients in a pan. Cook on low to medium heat for about 15 minutes or until tender.

When I make this recipe, I use whatever apples I have on hand but baking apples and Gala apples work best.


Here is a different twist on this recipe. Red Hot Apples are great for tailgating or for any time you are doing winter grilling.

Grilled Red Hot Apples

Red hot candies
Brown sugar

Core your apples, leaving the apple whole as you would for baking. Set each apple on a square of foil. In the center of each apple, place a tablespoon of brown sugar and one of the candies. Pull up foil around the apple and seal tightly. Place on the grill over medium heat for 30 minutes, until tender. Be careful when you open them because they will have a lot of juice!


  1. Trish says

    My mom has made a recipe like this for years. 10 Red Delicious apples, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup sugar, and 1 1/2 bags of red hots. Assemble in an electric skillet and cook on medium for a few hours. Great because it frees up the stove/oven for turkey or ham and the fixins. No one wants to eat cranberry sauce at her house!!!

  2. Bea says

    I made the Red Hot Apples twice already and it’s so good! This is now one of my favorite way to eat apples. I also made the Glorified Spice Cake that uses apple pie filling and caramel sauce and that is great too. Thanks.

    • says

      Glad you liked them Bea. Red Hot Apples was one of my kids favorites too. I would make them a couple of times a week this time of year because they are so easy and inexpensive. They are pretty around Christmas too. I appreciate your and other readers reviews on the recipes because I think this maybe helps others to decide whether to try them or not. Anyway if I go to another website it helps me.

    • says

      Bea I have a sweet potato one which will be posted in about a week and a half, then another one I will be posting is a hot apple cider one but you could do that now I just take about a 64 oz. bottle of apple cider and put in a large handful of red hots and let it simmer or put it on low in the crock pot. You don’t have to simmer that long but I just toss it together and let it simmer all day because it makes the house smell so nice.

      Another one is one which is already on the site and it is the Red Jello Salad which we have every Christmas. Hope that gives you a start.

  3. Bea says

    Thank you so much. I will be waiting for the sweet potato recipe and I just printed out the Red Jello Salad recipe and will definitely make the apple cider one. I love to make the house smell good and I love apple cider. Thanks.

  4. Karen says

    I have the apples in the oven right now. I cored as many apples as would fit in my baking dish and the rest are in 2 glass bread pans. My mom came over to make these with my kids last Fall. Today I decided to give it another try but looked on line for other recipes. My mom’s were a little too “spicey” for my kids to “love” them. I cored the apples, granny smith and red delilous that we had around. I let the kids fill the apples with 1 part brown sugar and 1 part red hots. I’m baking them covered at 350* for 25 min. Wish us luck! I’ll report how they taste.

  5. barb~ says

    This is a fabulous recipe! I plan to make a large batch for Christmas (love the red!). It is so good either warm or cold. Red Hots are sugar, but there is no fat as you would have with butter, etc. Gotta save on the fat grams where ya can, I guess!

    Thanks for all the hard and dedicated work you and Tawra are doing. You are very inspiring to me. I went to my Good Will this week and was able to get a coat, 7 top, three wool jackets and some slacks for under $20.00. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some trim to dress up the wool jackets-just fun “bling” for a couple of dollars. I’m set for winter and I spent so very little. I really feel like I have a new secret weapon for my clothing! It’s such a great feeling. I owe you all for the tips!

    • says

      Wow you did hit the jack pot on clothes Barb. To be honest I love getting my things at a thrift store because if I want to change my whole wardrobe for the season I can do it guilt free because I spend less getting all new outfits then most do on 1 items. Another advantage if I stain or tear and outfit I don’t have to stress over it because it didn’t cost me that much. Good show. Sounds like you will be stylin’.

  6. Bea says

    Jill, I tryed the apple cider with the red hots last night, and I had 2 cups of deliciously hot drink to warm me up, and it was yummy. It is such a good recipe and so simple. It’s really good to have to warm up your chilled bones after being outside in the cold, and because there is no caffeine I can even drink it during the evening. Thanks.

    • says

      Bea in a few days we will be posting my favorite apple cider recipe with cinnamon sticks, brown sugar etc. which I love best of all and is not only yummy but makes the house smell so good while it is simmering.
      Plus I wanted to give you a heads up we are posting my favorite fudge recipe and fudge making tips tomorrow. I know you had asked about it before.

  7. Dawn says

    i wonder if by chance you can use the redhots to make candy apples on a stick with? maybe adding kero syrup to? hmmm

  8. janet s says

    my grandmother used to make red hot candy apples every year for Thanksgiving – – – thanks for helping me remember! all of us kids loved them.

  9. Bea says

    Last night I went to 7pm Mass for All Saints Day and came home a little chilled. After that horrible storm Sandy the weather has truly changed, so I wanted something warm and yummy, so I made these apples and relaxed and watched “I Love Lucy” dvds and had a nice evening.

  10. Bea says

    Jill, ever since that Sandy storm blew thru here it’s been in the 40’s during the day and 20’s at night. That storm did LOTS of damage on the East Coast, but we were spared. Thank God. Many people have been without power though for days in nearby communities, but my area was spared. They even had to get electric company servicemen from Kentucky and Kansas to help and still thousands are without power. There were over 400,000 people that lost power because those winds were horrible. The wind blew in cold weather.

  11. Bea says

    On the radio people were talking of how nice those men from Kansas and Kentucky were, and how grateful the people were who got their power on because of them. In the counties around me there were originally over 400,000 that lost power, due to winds blowing down trees onto lines etc. but after 3 days over 248,000 people got their power back on. The winds were SO strong that the men couldn’t even get into the bucket trucks because it was too dangerous, so they had to wait about 48 hours to even begin to work on the lines. I prayed very hard that my town would be spared and thank God it was, but everything was closed for 2 days. Most stores, libraries, banks etc were closed, and there even was a driving bann and curfew. It was bad, and when I looked out of my “tree house windows” I couldn’t believe how the trees was swaying. It was a miracle they didn’t crack. The roof sounded like it was going to be blown off too. It was eerie because the moon was full, and you could see it shining through all the clouds at night. SPOOKY.

    • says

      My Bea that does sound hair raising and I forgot it was a full moon. I bet you did have some view. I am very proud of our Kansas guys of course we have so many bad thunder storms all the time here that they are pretty good at dealing with that kind of thing. I guess Kansas is dead center where the fronts of weather seem to always clash and that is why we have such violent weather but you guys really did get hit bad and now with cold weather and maybe a blizzard moving in I can’t believe it. I will be praying for you guys.

  12. says

    Ontario hydro workers went down as well and then I started reading stories that the unions told Florida workers that unless they paid union dues they would not be allowed to work.
    How could anyone not accept help offered in a time like this?
    It just sounds inhumane to me. So many people especially the elderly suffering and the unions saying no we don’t want your help.
    I guess it is a case of prepare for anything so you can live without the things we take for granted.

  13. Bea says

    Yes, Thank God Jill for those experienced guys from Kansas and the other areas that helped. It would have be tragic for a lot of people if there wasn’t help from others. Not everyone has a generator, and heat is needed more than anything else this time of year, so it was nice some companies were humane enough to care. Not all people do.
    And yes snow is predicted for Thursday. TODAY the sun came out for the first time IN TWO WEEKS!

  14. grizzy bear mom says

    You. Would also use an apple coring/slicing device to core those apples. Just reassemble them and put some red hit and a pat of butter on them for even ore delicious yuminess. Actually these red hot apples and pretty good for you because you eat the peel and limited flour aka no crust.

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