Pizza Pie Grilled Sandwiches

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Homemade Pizza Pie Grilled Sandwiches

(Try these in place of the usual nuked mini frozen pizzas.)

Pepperoni, sliced ham, or cooked hamburger
Mozzarella cheese slices
Pizza sauce

Spread one side of bread with margarine and place in hot skillet with buttered side down. Top with cheese and then add pepperoni or any other meat topping. Top with other slice of bread, butter side up. Cook as you would regular grilled cheese sandwich. Place pizza sauce on the side to dip the sandwich or spread it on the sandwich before cooking.


Photo by: Maggie Hoffman


  1. Sheri says

    We make scratched baked pizzas at our house often. But sometimes, I take a shortcut. I might pick up a good deal on sour dough loaf, or long bread loaves. I will slice them, use some leftover spaghetti sauce, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, cover in mozzarella or other shredded cheese. (We are not picky about our cheeses.). Then sprinkle with sliced ham, pepperoni slices or any other small or thin bits of meat, or veggies, or leave plain cheese.

    Cook at 425 for 15 minutes. If I am using two racks in my oven, trade bottom pizza to top and top to bottom. The cheese is usually melted at this point. Cook for 5 more minutes. Now the cheese should be lightly toasted on both pizzas, same for the crusts. Adjust to work with your oven. Some are hotter than others.

    This doesn’t take any more time than frozen pizza and tastes much better! The Parmesan makes all the difference! Where I live, mozzarella costs about the same shredded or block. I go for convenience on this one! But make sure the bag is dry inside! If there is condensation in the bag, it will go moldy.

    • says

      For those of you who love a good homemade pizza crust check out your Dining on a Dime. We have a really good on in there that is probably on our top 10 list of people’s favorite recipes from there.

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