Money Tree- Homemade Christmas present idea.

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Now that the kids and grandkids are in their teens they love getting money for the holidays.  Mike and my brother love getting it too because then they can save up and buy the "big" presents that they want but no one can afford to give them like cameras and stereo equipment. 

Here are a few of the ideas that we have used in the past to give money in creative ways but then I also found these two from Then She Made and thought they were just the we needed for this year to add a new way to give money.  Tawra







  1. Grandma says

    my grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary with a big party. well family numbered to the hundreds so yes it was big.
    they didn’t want presents so what was done.
    My uncle cut a small branch from one of the trees, spray painted it silver or gold whichever 50 years was and had a lot of small ribbons to wrap around and hang the money.
    everyone was told in advance about the money tree and no one was allowed to put more than a $10 dollar bill. Even us kids got in on it because we were all given a 1 dollar bill for the tree.
    Looked pretty and no gifts that they didn’t need or want.
    you could do the same sort of idea on the spur of the minute for christmas by painting the tree green red or both and tie the money to a candy cane to hang on the tree.
    if the teen allowed you could use it as a centre piece for the table.
    there are so many good ideas that look neat but don’t cost a lot.

  2. Grandma says

    just looked at the first tree and I think our colourful Canadian money would be really pretty done like that and with our loonies and toonies could be hung on it like christmas ornaments.
    thank you for the idea. will use this as a family gift for my son’s family gift.
    kids will love the ingenuity and my son and dil will love to be able to take the whole family out for dinner or get something they all want. it should even pack well enough to go on the bus.
    thanks for solving my gift problem well one of them anyway.

  3. April says

    For a Christmas surprise for my oldest son I taped 50 $1 bills together end to end with scotch tape and rolled it into a roll. I taped a tissue to the top bill, and placed the roll into an empty kleenex box with the tissue sticking out of the top. When present opening time came, I handed him the box and said he had something on his lip he should wipe off. He was delighted when those dollar bills began to come out of the box! :)

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