Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

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Save money with this easy homemade window cleaner recipe that is rated by consumer reports to work much better (and cheaper) than most commercial window sprays.

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

1/2 cup ammonia
2 cups rubbing alcohol
1 tsp. dishwashing liquid

In a one-gallon container*, mix ammonia and rubbing alcohol. Fill almost to the top with water. Add dishwashing liquid and mix. Top off with water. Rated by Consumer Reports Magazine to work much better (and much cheaper) than most commercial window and kitchen sprays. Alcohol is the secret ingredient – it’s what commercial window washers use.

*Safe on most, but not all, household surfaces.

*You can use a washed out gallon milk carton and fill with a funnel or just half or quarter the recipe to fit in your spray bottle.



  1. Leah Thomsen says

    The window cleaning recipe is tried and true for me as well.
    As for the general cleaning solution, vinegar is acidic and ammonia is alkali. Adding the vinegar will neutralize the ammonia.

    I believe a better recipe for a strong all-purpose cleaner comes from “Home Comforts” by Mendelson:

    1 Tbsp ammonia
    1 Tbsp liquid laundry detergent
    1 pint water


    1/2 cup washing soda added to 1 gallon water

  2. Anonymous says

    In the daycare area (diaper changing area and food prep area) I put plain alcohol into a spray bottle. I spray the area after a diaper change. It dries quickly. It is cheaper than Lysol spray. I have done this for years and I have not had any problems with the alcohol doing damage to the surface of my diaper changing area.

    I also spray the food pre/serve area on my daycare. I let it dry. I believe this kills lots of germs that might be on the surface. The alcohol does a great job of keeping my stainless steel sink nice.

    Roxie from Texas

  3. Linda says

    I too make my own window cleaner. here is my sure fire recipe. Works great.

    1/2 bottle hydrogen peroxide
    1/2 bottle rubbing alcohol
    1 teaspoon dawn for dishes
    Put this in a gallon jug and fill it the rest of the way up with water to make 1 gal.
    Alcohol makes it dry quickly and the peroxide cleans it really well. No streaks.

  4. Shambala says

    Jet dry, rubbing alcohol and dish soap make the best window cleaner, especially if you are doing the outside of your windows.Make a big batch, spray it on with a garden hose attachment and rinse.Put some in a spray bottle for mirrors and indoors.

  5. says

    This is just the recipe I use and recommend to clients if they ask. It combines the 3 main features a window cleaning agent must have. But I don’t restrict the use of this homemade cleaner to the windows and mirrors only. I use it as an universal sanitiser, adding just a little vinegar (little, to avoid the scent). Works like a charm.

    • says

      Just a heads up.You really don’t need to add the extra vinegar for sanitizing. First because the rubbing alcohol is a sanitizer and often use it alone in the bathroom instead of going through the trouble of making up any cleaner I use it by itself and does a great job. Second vinegar doesn’t sanitize 100% so just be aware of that when you are using it to clean a bathroom or a kitchen where you have had something like raw chicken. But with this recipe you don’t have to worry about that because the alcohol does kill 100% of the stuff.


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