Homemade Deer Repellant

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We live in the country and the deer just have a grand time eating my garden. We don’t have the money to fence it all in right now and I sure won’t pay a huge amount for “organic” deer repellant.

There are many different recipes for this but many are just some form of these basic ingredients. Some have hot pepper in them. I don’t recommend using hot pepper for any kind of animal repellant because it can get in their eyes and not knowing any better can rub them and in some cases this will cause them to go blind.

Here is an easy you can use at home that is safe and most of all cheap!


This makes 1 gallon of spray. Beat 1 egg in 1 cup of water and sieve to get out white strings or clumps. Add to a gallon jug, mark your bottle – deer repellent, so no one drinks it.


  • 1 Tablespoon of regular dish soap
  • 1 Tablespoon of cooking oil
  • 1/2 cup milk

Fill jug partially with water, shake to mix, finish filling gallon jug with water.

Refrigerate, it can get smelly.  Fill your spray bottle and spray your trees, lilacs, and plants. Don’t spray on anything you want to eat. Spray after every heavy rainfall.

After 3-4 times the deer get the hint and quit coming. In early spring spray in the morning so it doesn’t freeze on the plant.


  1. Judy H says

    You can also see if a barber shop or beauty salon will give you hair clippings. Sprinkle them around the area you don’t want the deer in. Just think..hunters want to be “scent free” so just introduce human scent to where you don’t want deer to go.

  2. Cheryl says

    A friend of mine told me about a garlic snake barrier that Billy the Exterminator uses on his show that comes on A&E. I don’t have that channel, so I had to find him on the computer and he does mention the garlic snake barrier that you spray on the edges of your yard to keep the snakes back. I’ve written to A&E to find out where I can buy it, or how I can make it and so far they sent me a telephone number that stays busy all of the time. Have you ever hear of this mixture and if so what are the ingredients? My neighbor just killed one that snapped at him yesterday while he was bending down to pick up a tree limb. I went and got six boxes of moth balls and put them around the back fence to keep them back, but I know that the garlic would work on getting rid of the moles that are tearing up my yard as well.



    • Andrea B says

      We planted peppermint patties and sprayed the area with chilli pepper/water mix when I read that moles were allergic. Sure enough, he moved, and we did it again, and he’s gone. (Wonder if he’s in the neighbor’s yard?)

  3. Paula says

    I don’t know about the snakes, but I’ve used the human hair around my shrubs for years…Also heard of deodorant soap (coast, irish spring etc) put into knee highs and tied into shrubs keeps deer at bay…..Forget the mothballs for moles…we dumped a box down the mole hole near our patio, only to have the mothballs thrown out of the hole by the little bugger!!….Heard of chewing gum used in mole holes works (mint)…..Good Luck!!

  4. deb says

    does anyone have a cat repellent? We live in a neighborhood which is overrun with cats & they are doing their duties under our bedroom & living room window in the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention the odors the cats leave behind from laying around the house & covering their little “tracks”. So if anyone has a good recipe for our furry little friends I would feel honored no blessed to have it. Thank you.

    • says

      Deb cats hate the smell of citrus, orange, lemon peels. Sometimes coffee grounds work and if they are digging in that area sprinkle egg shells there. They don’t like the feel of the egg shells on their feet.

      Don’t use cayenne pepper. I know they don’t like it but if they step in it and rub their face it can really hurt their eyes. You could use moth balls but they are poisonous so you would need to put them in a plastic container and poke holes in it so the can smell it but not get to the moth balls.

      There are some plants they don’t like like lavender, garlic, rosemary.

  5. Cherie says

    I make a similar concoction but add lots of crushed (and strained) garlic and hot pepper or tabasco & Pine Sol or tea tree oil, or I’ve even heard of using Murphy’s Oil Soap…the worse it smells the better. Most important seems to be the eggs and something a bit oily so this stuff will stick awhile to the leaves. It definitely works! I have a lot of hosta out front where the deer come and used to think it was their salad bar! they stopped after I started using this stuff!

  6. Tracy says

    I really need a deer repellant I can spray on my garden and fruit trees. This recipe says not to spray on anyting you are going to eat. The deer have decimated my fruit trees and veggies the last two years. I’ve tried human hair, but to no avail. I’m desperate!!! Any ideas?

  7. kristi says

    No need to mix up a special elxier or worry about where/what to spray. Just send me your address and I will send you my husband, who is more than happy to take care of your deer problem. It will cost you nothing and I’m sure he’ll share the meat with you :-)

  8. joann says

    Hi..we live right on a creek in the country and are having some major problems with rats and racoons…are there any recipes for a repellant for them? Would the same one used for cats work?

    • says

      The cat stuff might work for the racoons but the rats are another whole story. I’m not an expert but other then poison (which if you have kids and animals that may not be an option) or traps. You might call your county extension and they would maybe have some better ideas which would work for your area.

  9. says

    I live in an area with bears, moose wolves foxes and yes deer.
    fencing does not work because a deer can jump an 8′ fence.
    Go to a hunting and gun shop and they may have some ideas for you.
    But once a deer finds food they will return.
    Some people say wolf urine spread around the property is a deterrent but I don’t know how they get it.

  10. says

    I have used dryer sheets and tied them on new planted trees and it kept white tail deer we have in Illinois away. Buy the ones that have the most perfumed, deer doesnt like scent. It really work for me. I would change them when it rain or wind blew real hard and they looked ragged.

  11. Joyce says

    I use a simple mix of 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water. Mist your plants once a month and allow to dry. As long as it has a chance to dry first, you won’t have to mist your plants again until the next month. I choose the first of the month, just because it’s easier for me to remember. I live in the Pacific NW and this works. You can spray it on things you want to eat, it’s cheap, easy, doesn’t stink, and you don’t have to refrigerate. And most importantly… it works!!! You can still have the deer hanging out grazing, but they won’t touch anything you sprayed. I use it on my vegetable garden, raspberries, apple trees, and whatever they seem interested in each spring. Each year, there seems to be a deer with a different “taste”, so as soon as I see them nibbling on something, I add it to my list of things to spray throughout the season.

    Now… does anyone have an effective way to get rid of moles?

    • Bob Klein says

      I usea product called Milky Spore. It works really good and lasts 15 to 20 years. It kills the grubs that the moles are after. What it does is it is a fungus that grows under ground and spreads. it does not harm any thing else. safe for pets and kids. It takes a year or two to fully spread. It is a pricey item but not if you figure it lasts for 20 years.

      On the trap side I use the loop style trap and it works really good.
      set the trap down and cut the dirt where the loops go so as not to disturb the soil and then set the trap. Make sure you tie the trap down or a dog will get a free meal and you trap. You must find the main run and not the little fingers to set the traps.

    • jackie smith says

      juicy fruit chewing gum works great on moles, just drop a partially
      chewed piece in their hole.

  12. dawny says

    to keep deer and other wildlife from your garden, go to hair salon and ask for hair that they sweep from floor. cut feet off pantyhose or use knee highs and stuff some of the humanhair in them, tie them on or around you garden area,, they will smell humans present and will stay away! been working on my pecan trees for years!

  13. Magdalen says

    Thanks for the tip about human smells and unwelcome wildlife. My daughter’s plants have been savaged by a marauding gang of Lake District sheep. Any ideas please?

    • says

      Fences are usually the only way to keep them out. You could try first a scarecrow or things like you would hang in a tree to bang and make noise for keeping birds away. If you have a dog that might help too. But mainly a fence is the best thing. That is why people always panic when sheep or goats get out of their pens.

  14. Pierce says

    My neighbor uses deodorant bath soap bars to keep deer out of his garden, It works! Don’t unwrap the bar soap drill a hole right through the wrapper with around a 1/4 inch bit and put a string through the bar wrapper and all. Hang a bar on a low tree branch like a Christmas ornament one every 100 feet or so does the trick around the garden. Lasts for months!

  15. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Just like most other animals, if given an exit, snakes will “run” away. They don’t want to waste their bite or venom on you that they need for catching their lunch. Because they eat bugs and mice they are good to have in the yard. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

    Animals hate smelly things. If you have access to cigarette butts, put them in a milk jug, add water and let set in the sun for a few days until it stinks. Pour around what you want protected.

    At Agway my mom purchased COUGAR urine to protect our plants from the deer. the unopened package smelled so bad you could barely drive it home. The deer ate the plants anyway. She is going back for Tyranasaurus Rex urine.

  16. Mary Jane says

    I agree with the human hair trick. It seems to work to deter deer. I used clippings from my hair dresser, and just used them to border the edges of my garden. The Irish Spring soap was another matter. For a couple of years it appeared to work as I hung several bars up and down the rows in my garden. Then the last year, the deer came in and ate all the peas off, even around the soap bars as they clipped off the tops of my plants evenly. (I should mention that I hung fresh bars regularly in bits of panty hose). Don’t know if they grew accustomed to the smell, or they just thought the peas were worth holding their noses over.

  17. Marilyn Gios says

    I am in the uk. We have urban foxes
    We have a family of foxes living under one of the neighbours sheds. They have been seen in the garden playing late in the evening . They disturb our garden at night by digging .. Is there anything we can use as a repellent?
    Many thanks


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