How to Make a Popcorn Garland

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Don’t throw your garland away when you’re done with it… hang it outside for the birds & squirrels.


When stringing popcorn for garland, let it sit for a couple of days to get stale. Stale popcorn is easier to string. (I sure wish I’d known that last year! We made popcorn and cranberry garland. It was very pretty!)

To make a popcorn garland just take a needle and heavy or double thread and start stringing the popcorn or anything on it. Of course cranberries look pretty with the popcorn but you can use other things like dried apple pieces. This is also a great project to have the kids or guests do on Thanksgiving day or week end. Then it will be ready for when you go to decorate the tree.


photo by: ryochijiiwa


  1. Grandma says

    the birds won’t but squirrels will and it will make them sick.
    you will also attract racoons if there are a lot of marshmallows. It will probably make them sick as well.
    too much sugar for wild animals is not a treat to them it is more likely to be a poison.
    stick with popcorn.

  2. Simplesista says

    Hi everyone! I can see that you’re all busy with your preparations. We have started practising sings and hymns for the nativity at work this work too- it’s fun but kinda hard! We don’t use popcorn to decorate Christmas trees in England really. But Im
    Thinking if trying it thus year! If I ever get round to putting the tree up- I Like to wait to as near Xmas as possible really! Jill, I hope your ginger bread men are coming along as planned and that you enjoyed your visit to see your grandchildren, best wishes from the frosty and cars glazed over every morning-aargh, shores of England,xxxxxx

    • says

      I did have a super time with them Simplesisa. I have been busy baking even though it is not even our Thanksgiving yet. Have done about 30 doz. the past couple of days but will have a couple of days break next week end before I really have to kick it in gear and get going.
      You said you are practicing for the nativity at work. Is it like a concert or a little play or a combination of both that you are doing?
      We are feeling your pain too here. It is frosty and icy today too. The temp is about 26 degrees F (I’m not sure but I think that is lower then 0 in Celsius) and the wind chill is only 11 degrees F. Nice and brisk (actually freezing literally). :)

  3. Simplesista says

    Hi Jill! Yes the nativity is a concert about the Christmas story. The children will do some readings, in the form of verses from the simplified children’s bible and poems, sing some songs and do a drama which tells the audience about the birth of Jesus. Tickets have been sold-we sold out quicker than Celine dion at Vegas! Hehehe!-we will do an epic three performances. And too numerous a rehearsals to mention! Last year poor Joseph caught the sick bug and was off on the day of the first show-gasp! This year I’ve picked a more hardy and tougher looking one-parenting is not easy I know,but the show must go on! I’m glad everybody is well- my mum has had yet another operation this week so it’s been another busy one for us here. Inspired by your gingerbread men, I’m going to make them with my class at work and then let them decorate them for their families-they’ll be delighted to receive them, I’m certain!

    • says

      Do hope your mum is doing ok. Had to chuckle at your sick Joesph. We do similar things here and we usually expect “something” to happen at them. : ) Can’t wait to see how yours turns out. : )
      All ages do seem to love to make gingerbread men. I make a giant one for my grand kids each year and a few years back since I always seem pressed for time at Christmas I decided to have them over for a leaf raking party and I had them each bake and decorate their own. They loved it. I was a little frazzled with 7 of us in my tiny kitchen and I had little ones who I was trying to help get things in and out of the oven while instructing the older ones. The next year I baked the cookies (biscuits) ahead of time and they had just as much fun decorating. It was so funny the way they decorated them too. Nothing traditionally for my grand kids. Some put so much frosting on the cookie (biscuit) it almost broke under the weight and others put 3 small dots of frosting.
      I now have them over 1 or 2 at a time when they get older to show them how to bake them. Either way they did have fun.

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