I got some great garage sale deals this weekend!

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my garage sale deal

My Garage Sale Deals!

Ok, I admit it. This weekend I went nuts! I am frantically packing up to move and getting rid of stuff so what do I do? I buy more stuff!!!

I went to a garage sale and they were selling an old Edison Phonograph for $50!! It even worked! So I grabbed it up after I called Mike to check and found that they are selling for $400 on eBay.  I’ve got it listed on Craigslist now so maybe I can make a some money on it. 

Then I went to Lowe’s and they had brand new carpet on sale for 75% off!! They were huge 12×12 rolls and it was only $100 for both rolls of carpet. We will be able to get two bedrooms carpeted in the basement of the new house! I just couldn’t believe it. I paid for it and then later Mike went with me and we shoved it in the station wagon and drove it home with the two younger boys wedged in on each side of it. 

I know I’m out of my mind but these deals were just too good to pass up!




  1. susan says

    Great Finds! I also find some great buys at lowes this weekend they had their tomatoe plants for 50 cents a piece!
    plus with my hubby’s veterans card we got an extra 10% off! These plants look great! My husband planted them and hopefully the deer will not find them. I have found great bargains at yard sales too and it sure does make you feel good! Oh by the way I got a really cool water fountain at lowes for almost nothing,it had a small crack on the back side and the manager said I could have it for 15 dollars and they were selling for $150 so we got it home and fixed the crack in the back and now I have a new water fountain to add to my collection. I love these in my yard!

  2. says

    Great finds! I did pretty well this weekend too. I found a great old dresser. It’s huge (wide) but not bulky and made of wood and not the paper junk…lol. I got it for $90 and it fit perfectly in the space I needed it for. I got lots of clothes in it and it felt great!

  3. says

    Hey ladies. This is Belinda again. Great finds Tawra. I wouldn’t have been able to pass up those deals either. I just wanted to make a suggestion to “susan” who said the deer might find her tomato plants. Long before I started my blog site at http://www.busymomsblueprint.com , I was a barber. Human hair clippings keep deer out of gardens because “our” smell is on them. Just go to any shop and take your own garbage bag. Ask them for the clippings. You can even offer to sweep them up and they’ll be more than happy to let you. You’ll save them some work, and get free clippings. Just sprinkle them around the edges of your garden. Good Luck.

  4. susan says

    Thanks Belinda for the good advise about the hair clippings! I called the beauty shop I use and they told me I can have all I want so I am headed over there and start “sweeping”. I passed this information on to my sister and although she has not planted hers yet she said she will also follow this advise for her garden! My husband is trying really hard to have a small garden.He always plants more than enough and what ever we have surplus of we take to our local food bank.

  5. says

    I was asked by a friend to go to a town wide garage sale at the arena. Didn’t really want to go but figured I would let my husband have an hour to himself.
    I got a cut glass 6″ high ice bucket and 6 mini shot glasses. Don has been wanting an ice bucket but not the huge things we see and the shot glasses were kind of different. So for $2.25 I got them as well as a set of tongs.
    I also saw 2 large bags of stuffing for stuffed animals for $1. and a kit to make a teddy bear for $1. It was kind of a fun way to spend an hour and it got me out of the house.
    I showed them to my husband and he loved the ice bucket so I said happy 35th anniversary on the cheap.
    On Monday we are heading for the city to spend the day and night just to get out of town.
    Elections make people nasty so it will be a nice break.
    Have a good weekend and happy yard saling.

  6. Rhonda says

    Belinda, do you know if the hair clippings works on groundhogs? Does anyone have a humane way of getting rid of groundhogs in your yard?

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