Make Cutting Out Cookies Easier

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How To Make Cutting Out Cookies With A Cookie Cutter Easier

I have been working on my gingerbread men and this year they were trying my patience. Usually I find making them relaxing but for some reason every one was sticking to the cookie cutter and I was having to take a toothpick and carefully pick it out. This can become time consuming when you are baking 5,000 or more and I had to find a better way.

Dipping the cutter in flour wasn’t really working. Besides, having to do that with the cutter each time takes more time than I wanted to spend.

Finally I discovered the perfect solution and thought I would pass it on to you to try to help make your cookie baking easier.

After I finished rolling out the dough, I was ready to start cutting. I lightly sprinkled the circle of dough with flour and brushed it all over into a very very thin coat. You can use your hand or pastry brush to brush it. 

It worked great. There was enough of a coating of flour that touched the cutter as it was pressing down to keep the dough from sticking. There’s just one thing to watch out for: Be careful that you don’t get too thick a coat of flour or your cookies will have flour blotches when they are done.


photo by: vegan baking


  1. Bea says

    Thanks for the tip. I just bought some orange sugar at Aldi’s and want to make some cut out sugar cookies for the holidays and Gingerbread cookies too.

    • says

      It is getting that time of year Bea. I baked my first gingerbread men today. Can’t even describe how good my house smells. You won’t need potpourri when you start baking your cookies. I made so many cookies one year that I was baking all morning before I went to the doctors. When I got there he said “Have you been baking gingerbread men?” and I asked him how he knew and he said he could smell it on my skin. Ok that is way to much baking although I guess they bright side is I don’t have to buy any expensive scented lotion. :)

      By the way I forgot to mention earlier I am so glad you are ok from the storm. I was truly concerned about so many of our readers. A couple have said they were fine but I haven’t heard from any others yet.

  2. says

    I don’t enjoy making cut out cookies since I rarely eat them. but the other day I was feeling guilty about not being able to cuddle with my 2 cats. I had to put Punkin to sleep 2 weeks ago so I guess I am still mourning but feeling guilty I made chicken kitty treats. I spent about 20 min. rolling them out and cutting them into squares. After all the work the cats hate them. Sent them to my grandchildren for their cat.
    Next ones I make are going to be tuna fish and you roll them into a snake and cut those. Easier and much more like the cookies I used to make. Roll them into a tube and freeze until needed.
    Love the look of the cut outs but just never had the patience or stamina to make them.

  3. Maggie says

    My son and I make cutout cookies every Christmas. I have an old-fashioned recipe that is called Foundation Cookies. It is not a real sweet dough but by the time my son decorates them, they have plenty of sugar. He is so meticulous and they are quite beautiful when he is done. My husband and I get to eat the small ones that don’t turn out so well but the really good ones he takes to his office. I make fudge and some cookies for my office but I just sprinkle colored sugar on them and that is satisfactory for me. Our recipe says it makes 12 doz cutout cookies but I double it and we get about 15 doz since some are larger than others. This is an all day affair but my son and I enjoy our time together and it sets the tone for our holiday. On another day, he and I go shopping for the family. I get someone to carry the packages and his payment is lunch with mom. Win-Win for both of us.

  4. Penny S says

    Instead of using flour to keep cookie dough from sticking, you can use a light sprinkling of confectioner sugar. This works too.


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