Bean Philosophy

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Bean Philosophy – How the garden can cure your troubles!

Laurie put a cute saying on the blog and I didn’t want you all to miss it. She said her great grandma had a saying which went, "When you are tired of life and all of it’s scenes- go out into the garden and hide behind the beans."

I love it and it sure would beat hiding in the bathroom because my kids would always find me there. Once I tried hiding in a closet just to try something different and they told the dog to track me down. The silly dog actually found me. I didn’t think he had it in him. He surprised us all.

Even after my kids were grown and married, they still seemed to have an uncanny knack for finding me. I would go somewhere with a friend and they would track me down. My friend used to shake her head and wonder how they could do that.

It’s nice to be needed… I think… You have to love them anyway. :)



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  1. Susan says

    My grandmother had a saying as well

    When motherhood and chores
    stress you out
    kneel and pray and let God here YOUR mouth!

  2. Kirsten says

    Kids….gotta love ’em….. :) I’m hoping that when our garden grows this summer I can go out and hide behind the beans or the corn – I’m gonna need an escape place…the bathroom for sure doesn’t work! :)



  3. jill says

    That is a good one too Susan. That is usually what I was frantically doing as I was hiding in the bathroom.
    They are kind of cute though when they are gently knocking, or trying to peek in the key hole or between the cracks in the door.

    My very favorite was the little fingers wiggling under the door.

    Oh course I find it cute now that mine are grown and gone. At the time there were days….. :) :)

  4. rose says

    all are lovely sayings… and i remember well when my kids did that too when they were little … now, our one cat puts his paws under the door and jiggles the door and the other cat just meows very loudly at the door… they probably learned this when the kids were little … hehehee…
    cute sayings everyone!…
    rose 😀

  5. Joan Deaver says

    I found no family members would bother me in the garden for each time they came out I would make them weed a row or two. After a few times I was never bothered again. I didn’t even have to hide.

  6. Gayle says

    Glad to hear I’m not the only mama that needs a bathroom hideout! But our bathroom has actually served as “conference room” lately for serious discussions as well.
    And when they were little, my kids ACTUALLY thought that the bathroom was called “Grand Central Station”!
    —“What do you kids think this is? Grand Central Station?”!!!

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