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If you want quick and simple dessert in the evening, two ingredient cake recipes are a great way to make one spending only a few minutes in the kitchen.

Easy 2 Ingredient Cake Recipes

Two Ingredient Cake Recipes

I love these 2 ingredient cakes! This recipe is one I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t call for any eggs, oil or water.

Two Ingredient Cake Recipe Using Ice Cream

1 pint of ice cream, very soft
1 cake mix

Use any combination of ice cream or cake mix that you want. Mix them and bake according to box directions. Frost or drizzle with glaze.




If you missed my other post for a 2 ingredient cake, here it is again.

Two Ingredient Cake Recipe Using Pop

1 can pop (soda)
1 cake mix

Mix and bake according to directions.

You can use 7-Up with a white cake or lemon cake, cherry coke with chocolate cake. Try any combination you want!

Hmm. Orange or strawberry pop with white cake might be good! Top with mandarin oranges or strawberries and whipped topping.

If you use diet pop, you would have a  low calorie desert.


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